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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Illuminatus Observor Surpasses 300,000 Unique Visitors!!!

Wow! Talk about a great milestone!

Long before the Illuminatus Observor was conceived, I wandered through hotels, bars, restaurants, billiards clubs, subways, train stations - you name it - speaking about the Isisian Codes. In these years I have probably given some 10,000 demonstrations of how the Isisian Codes work.

I have so many great moments and thoughts along the way.

I remember, for instance, working out some of the more esoterics of the Alphabet, and my son, but 6 or so, saying, "Hey dad. When I see your brain working, it looks like you are trying to make it bigger than the whole world!" Well, he sorta had it! What was in development was the ultimate expression of a concrete representation of the qaballistic properties of the English Language.

What generations had taken time to set down into stone, within a single lifetime, without aid of initiations, the very minutia of the codes were in the process of being exposed for all to see.

"The Rain Man"

When I got started in telecommunications, I was working for a Jewish guy that had a niche in the pay phone management business. This was the time of telecom deregulation in the United States. Numerous CLEC's (Competitive Local Exchange Carriers) were sprouting up across the nation, and it was our strategy to begin a telecom agency. VoIP was still highly specialized, with such products as Motorola's Vanguard router system dominating the global market with voice over frame relay.

Voice over internet protocol was in the very early stages of deployment. Companies as "Genuity" (the creator of the "@" symbol used within emails) were growing to billions of dollars in size, only to be decimated with the "dot com" implosion of the late 1990's.

I shared the early stages of the codes with this guy and he did not know what to think. All he could say was "You remind me of the Rain Man".

The Scary One

I used to hang out in a town called "Gardena", a "nisei" conclave south of downtown Los Angeles. Karaoke was quite a big thing and I used to enjoy more than my fair share of brews and belting out a few songs. I recall one dingy nightclub that catered to working class Japanese travelers (the ones on a tight travel budget) and I would go because, not yet knowing how to sing, I figured no one could hear me. There were only two songs I could sing, Sister Golden Hair and Tin Man by America - the rest of the songs were Japanese.

The "mama-san" would pay me to sing a song just to get the traveling Japanese in the mood.

Many nisei (first and second generation Japanese) of the town like to karaoke and as I learned how to sing, there were more than few watering holes where I would hang out.

One evening, a guy was sitting with his girl-friend and they were speaking about some religious matter and affair, and I interjected and shared with them the precise way in which the religious formulations were working.

The guy's girlfriend, who was a Catholic, watched in amazement - and fear.

My formulas are designed to hit the Jehovian presence amongst us. She said to me as I was finalizing the presentation, "You know. This is really fascinating and you make a lot of sense. But to be truthful, you are scaring the hell out of me. Do you mind if we just stop for now?"

What could you say?

Have another beer and go grab the mic!@

3-6-9! 3-6-9!

I recall riding the subway in Los Angeles. Living in the downtown area, the subway was quite a convenience and service. As I was sitting on in the train, an African American walked and and sat down next to me. He then began speaking to me. "Excuse me. Excuse me."

I looked up and over and said, "Yes? Can I help you."

He said, "You don't remember me, do you?"

I admitted, "No. I really don't."

He said. "You are the guy with the codes, right? You have broken down English into its mathematical patterns and you explain to people how these codes work in English. Right?"

I looked at him, wondering how he would know such a thing, and then he continued, "I met you on the Green Line. You were coming back from the Airport and you showed me some of these codes. It was absolutely fascinating and I never forgot that you would take the time to share such an idea with me. I just wanted to ask you. My grandmother died recently, and the last thing on she said as she passed away was "3-6-9! 3-6-9!" She never spoke of numbers before and it made me think she was seeing something as you speak about. Do you know what she might have meant?"

Well. Can you imagine?

Unbelievable! I don't believe it!

On many trips to Amman I have shared the Isisian Codes with current and former Masons.

On one encounter, I was taken to a smaller three star hotel for some drinks and an introduction. After a brief introduction, I began to share the codes, to much interest. From time to time, ideas were interjected (as a devils advocate as is said in English), to which, of course, a cascade of additional supporting information was presented.

The guest who brought me to the "introduction", and who essentially had no real idea as to the importance of what was being discussed, said to "the introduction". "So tell me. Is this guy (myself) the real thing? Does he know what he is talking about or just making this up?"

The "introduction", later said to be a high ranking Mason in the country, replied, "Surely he has acquired some information. I am not sure of how he got it, but he has some insights and explains the concept better than I have heard before."

I continued, to finish with the idea that the word ZODIAC and the ROYAL ARCH were really codes for this idea of "the Freemason's Lost Word", showing that ZODIAC can be re-scrambled into CADOIZ = 3.1415926, or the Great Pi in the Sky.

With that - he had heard enough, pounded his fists into the table and said, in amazement, "That is unbelievable! i don't believe it!"

He went on to explain that he had heard precisely of the techniques being exhibited, and he had heard of these techniques before, but that no one in their lodges or who had visited from the States had been able to really expound upon it, but here he could see with clarity as never before.

I joked with him, asking him if he could make me an honorary 33 degee Mason. He laughed and said, "If such were in my power, I would not hesitate to grant such at this very moment. Clearly you are deserving of such an honor."

The Isisian Codes were exhibiting a clarity that would and continues to grow.

What the Future Holds?

There are really too many stories to comment on, but the future, to the extent that we can work towards same, remains bright and growing for the Isisian Codes as an educational and occult study. The Illuminatus Observor will continue to see added content. It's numbers are still strong and support is firm.

Radio interviews at Red Ice Radio, Occult of Personality, Star Theory, and Rebel Path Radio have been really well received and we all thank you for your support of these efforts.

If you have shows that fit within this demographic, feel free to write in and request an interview. The topic garners ratings and listeners and is a growing niche in the conspiracy segment of alternative media education.

More collaboration with like minded audio or video content producers is welcome and appreciated - the Isisian Codes will help grow an audience.

Videos are in the making, as well as an additional website. Educational material is being planned, and podcasts are to be relaunched.

The key to the future is your continued support. Links at your blogs, your websites, your forums are so critical to viral success. Really, you never know who you may reach with each link and click through.

YOU ARE THE KEY and I keep this in mind when I write and present and provide additional information.

I appreciate the readership and support through the years. It has really meant so much to me as it is clear that the material is appreciated.

Those of you who have slammed me at Outlaw Journalism, hey - I think you know better: the Illuminatus Observor is not your run of the mill occult insight site. The information is original, lucid, insightful, and a window into the very root and core of Western esoteric knowledge.

There are many of you seeking knowledge of the esoteric realm. Some of you have "gotten it", some of you are well on your way to a richer understanding the world of words and symbols around you, while others are having a difficult time taking the first few steps.

No matter where you are - the study is a rewarding and enriching challenge. You are welcome into the realm of the Great Work.

Enjoy a bit of lighter insights into the Construct...

And again...thanks to ALL OF YOU who have contributed to the success of the Illuminatus Observor!


Star Theory said...

Your work has inspired whole new lines of thinking. Thanks for all the work and interviews. Let's do another show soon.

Anonymous said...

I would cherish another show perhaps a part two- if you will- of NPL. I am waiting currently to take traing in NPL. Please? Thank Q for you. -sky-

Anonymous said...

...A big thank Q Fetch....to take this research further I wonder what is the effect of the vibrations made when we speak on the construct?.. Word=Drow=Draw...and isnt humanity drowned