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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Start Pi Day with "The Fetch" and "The Celtic Rebel!" - Rebel Path Radio

Start your PI Day (March 3.14.2011) with The Fetch and The Celtic Rebel on Rebel Path Radio with the Celtic Rebel on the Oracle Broadcasting Network.

Alex, the Celtic Rebel, is the genius behind deciphering the behind as a means of subliminal programming of "the behind" as the doorway to bliss and success. Or something like that. You can find his compilation of work at his blog, "The Celtic Rebel".

Since the show starts live on Sunday, March 13, 2011, at 11:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5), you can "ring in Pi Day 2011" with The Fetch and The Celtic Rebel".

It is important to note that "The Fetch" was instrumental in the Celtic Rebel moving to a 4 hour format and finally we will be able to re-connect and share insights and conversation with our friends and supporters on the world wide web.

We truly appreciate all your support...so JOIN US for this LIVE SHOW! We really look forward to seeing you!

Neuro Linguistic Programming and the Qaballistic Arts

One of the basic tenets of the Occult is that the totality of reality has been splintered and cannot be viewed as a composite whole. Rational observation teaches that this must be so. The Occult is viewed as "the Sun", at which one cannot peer into directly. To do so would be to blind the person. In its stead, we must view the totality of "the All", as symbolized by "the Sun", through its many manifestations and adumbrations.

Further still, the "sensors" of the human construct have limited functionality. Sound exists below and beyond the realm of human hearing. Sight (light) exists below and above the realm of human capacity to see. Scents exist beyond the realm of human capacity to smell, but so too does sense.

The positive elements of the Occult applies rational observations to comprehending the greater body of the "Whole". Such early efforts were the domain of the Alchemists and Astrologists of lore.

Science is but the control and compartmentalization of the efforts of these earlier schools of thought, and largely, through observation, using the "religion of Science" as a composite body of thought to impose and forge realities that serve particular agendas.

At the core of these issues is control of the human mind, that which, if unleashed, could be raised to such tremendous heights within the larger cosmic and universal "Passion Play".

At the core of all of this is the use of language, which remains the primary programming tool which binds and frees equally. Understanding language has "scientific" and "Occult" veins or disciplines.

From a course on learning and being certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming we read

LANGUAGE PATTERNS – being focused with words

* Learn how to use presuppositions through language to impact appropriately on someone’s experience.
* Learn how to listen to everyday language to see how others limit themselves.
* Learn how to ask the questions that can lessen or even solve problems.
* Challenge peoples’ objections gracefully.

Beyond the science is the Occult and the Isisian Codes.

So join "the Celtic Rebel" and "the Fetch" for a refreshing angle on how language may be used to uplift and deceive, and how you can become aware of how language may be your worst enemy, or your best friend.

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Anonymous said...

Language = Lang guage = Lung guage = Lung gauge

Anonymous said...

Lung gauge = Tung gauge = Tongue gauge

Anonymous said...

Hi Dennis ....... Was wondering if the Rule of Colel has anything to do with Daylight Savings Time? A shift of one? ........... -sky-

Anonymous said...

who is this host? he is all over the place and making crude unecessary jokes, he was wasting airtime i just want to hear dennis! sorry for the rant, this show is almost an hour and a half in and the host hasnt let dennis speak about whats important.

Anonymous said...

wow,the homophobia coming from the host was sad. Yet he did have a point or two about neurolinguisitcs.Funny how someone can have insight in one area requiring cognitive process but be so devoid of those processes in basic humanity.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the chance to let zou speak Dennis. Whats up with that. I was disappointed too. -s-

Joe said...

Dennis, many years ago I came across something pretty much totally random at the time, but which has alwasy stuck in my mind, for some odd reason. I was reading a book in the college library, something to do with Adolf Hitler. By now I can't recall what all the book was primarily about. But what I got curious about was something that was just mentioned in a cursory way in passing. The author stated that Hitler was very bullish on the German language, as in it being a 'superior' language. Just right for all the nordic ubermensch, I guess. Well, Hitler's bullishness on all things Deutsche is no surprise. But what was more curious to me was that the book went on to mention that Hitler disdained many other languages. That too is no surprise, that Hitler would have contempt for all those inferior languages along with all those inferior races. But the funny thing is the author went on to say that the Hitler seemed to have an especially deep dislike of the English language, which he called a 'bastard' language. And of course, he expected to see to it that it be eliminated along with all other inferior and corrupted things after the Reich achieved it's ultimate destiny.

I am more curious about this having learned of the occult source for english from your blogging. Apparently Herr Hitler didn't understand very much about such things.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comments. It was hard listening to this bigoted host rail on a homophobic rant. Who doesn't know that secular society is attempting inclusion of a segment of the population heretofore out cast, shunned, humiliated, bullied to the point of being beaten to the point of causing the death of several gay people.

Perhaps straights might engage more readily in a same sex act but its laughable to assert that such would turn a straight individual gay.

His refusal to accept bisexuality as a valid orientation shows just how pathetically insecure this asshole is.


Anonymous said...

this just in... http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2011/04/evolution-of-language/