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Friday, November 5, 2010

The Luminous Philosophy - A Glimpse into IS and IT

Former President Clinton provided a rare glimpse into a rather rarely contemplated word, that is, the word "IS".  As he so famously mused, "It depends upon what the meaning of the word "is" is."

Let us use the language to demonstrate a "Luminous Philosophy" embed into the language, and in the process, provide a philosophical foundation for the words "Is" and "It" as set against the Luciferian philosophy of "Pi".

Pi and the "Ebb Tide

In order to acquire a taste for the sophistication found in the English language, one must spend time to contemplate what seems as the innocuous. Each letter provides you clues to the underlying philosophy, while seeming nondescript words as "is" and "it" provide more than meets the casual eye.

In many ways, "is" and "it", provide a form of "reality check" in more ways than one might imagine. Reality really does break down into precisely what a definition of "IS" "IS". Speech and ISIS can be confusing in this way.

We live in a world based on the "10", the 1 and the O. In order to arrive at the 1 AND the 0, we must first count through a sequence from 0 to 9. In this way, we may view the "1" of the "10" as being "the first return to the 0". There is a subtle, yet profound, philosophical shift, when comparing the "1" of "10" as being "the first return to 0", as opposed to viewing of the "0" of the 20 as being "the second set of 10".

The first view "returns" one to a primary start point of "the 0", while the second view creates a linear expression "away" from the "0".

Another view is to affix to the "0" as being the circumference, and hence the "1" of the "0" is implied. Philosophically, we may state that the "divine Feminine" as "0" is in "union" with the "divine Masculine" as "1". Within "0" as a start point, there is yet "no division". The "0" contains the "1" through inference.

"1" represents "the first division" from "0".

From Nature, we draw our first philosophical parallel. The "0" is as "bubble" which is the "amniotic sack" within which the fetus grows. The "1" is contained within "0", still yet to be divided as a separate entity. As "birth" occurs, the "1" is divided from the "0"n thus becoming "1" unto itself.

To be (2B) becomes "you are (R)".

Further, a conceptual "circle" has been completed. The feminine as an individual "1" has gone from being "1", or an individual, to being a "0" (pregnant), a state of being that is represented as the lower portion of the Letter "B", located at position "2".  Upon giving BR'th, the female returns once again back to a singular "1", yet at this point, void of the "0" that represents the amniotic sack contained within the lower portion of the Letter B, she rests again, this time as the Letter R.

In order to "test" our philosophical reasoning, we may turn to the Isisian Codes.

Here we see that the B and the R are directly aligned at position number 2.  We may view the relationship of B to R as being a Pi representation in that the letters form a conceptual "circle" of being singular, to pregnancy, to "birth", returning again to singularity.

Clearly the Letters "B" and "R", equally integral as they are the roots to the words "BIRTH" and "BORN" and "BRING", and so forth, further provides powerful circumstantial observations that support the underlying preposition of the proposed philosophy.

If one is still not convinced of a self evident truth that the Isisian Codes reveals, one may turn to the usage of "phonetics".  Here we may not the relationship of the "beach" to a "bitch", wherein a "bitch" is clearly directly attributed to the feminine connotations.

When we compare the phonetics of "bitch" to "beach", we note that Nature provides yet another clue: there is a "high tide" and a "low tide".  We may equate the "high tide" to the Letter B itself as the "waters" contained within clearly may be shown to "expand".

"B" is "expansion", while "R" is "contraction", or "the expelling of the waters" from what was previously existing". When we set this concept back to words, the most logical word formation is to use the precise letters which comprise the philosophical observation.

Since B is "expansion", its "reverse", logically, represents "contraction".

Hence, "low tide" is also known as an "ebb tide", "ebb" being but the Letter B(ee), in reverse.

B"E" = Expansion
"E"B = Contraction.

Between "This" and "That"

As we seek to decipher esoteric codes in the language, we must pay particular attention to key patterns. One particularly useful key pattern may be found in the formation of "The Questions and the Answers". We have 5 questions, WHAT, WHEN, WHY, WHO, and WHERE. These questions could be said to preface "the answers" of "THIS", "THAT", "THEN", "THY", "THOU", and "THERE".

When viewed as a code-set, or pattern, we may equate the WH of the questions and the TH of the answers as "clarifiers", letters that need not necessarily be attributed to the central code. Under this condition, we then note that the remaining letters are AT, EN, Y, O, and ERE. When we treat these as numbers, we then can see that AT is 14, Y is 9 and ERE is 12.

Since Pi is 3.1415926, AT is clearly 14, while Y is clearly 9. We have then the following letters of a rather trans-dimensional crossword puzzle.


We then need to simply logically assign digits to complete the riddle. The setting of these digits must comply with logical patterns found in the Alphabet (validating the Alphabet pattern should the pattern itself be "lost") The entire process through which this may accomplished may in fullhere.

As one begins this process, what some may have been able to ascertain or note is that we have what appears to be an evolving philosophy that has been caste into the Alphabet and language.

For example:

The first question, "WHAT", is prefaced by two answers: THIS and THAT.

As mentioned above, when analyzed, there is an inherent logic within the "Questions" and the "Answers" in that the questions and the answers are prefaced by their respective two digit sequences:

Questions = WH
Answers = TH

 These letters, or clarifiers, are not the core of the code set within the questions and the answers.  They are precursors, or clarifiers, to the inherent esoteric code.  When the TH or WH is removed, what remains are the letters "IS" and "AT".

Since IS = 13, and AT = 14, we see that the question and the answer, as applied to WHAT, reveals 1314, or PI.  "What" as an esoteric construction, therefore, is hinting at Pi in that the question, and its requisite answers of TH-IS (13) and TH-AT (14) directly leads one back to Pi.

Furthermore, since ALL questions and answers share the Letter H, it, too, may be filtered out.  When this is done, the "Questions" are "reduced" to a single digit, or the Letter W (23), while the answers are reduced to another single digit, the Letter T (20).

We then simply need to apply the summative value of W and T respective to reveal the core of the code.  The sum of 1:W (23) reveals 276, while the sum of 1:T (20) reveals 210.  When we use the summative value of W and T, we create the formula of:

276(W)/210(T) = 1.31427581

This is a reciprocal 7 Pi representation that is used in such words as "WT" as in "weighing of the heart, and so on..

A philosophy set against PI begins to slowly emerge, coaxed from the cryptic depths of the past.

We may then begin to make inferences as to what was being philosophically implied:

TH-IS implies oneness. (AL = 13)
TH-AT implies separation. (AT = 14 = "IT" or "ID")


W, T, Ma'at and the Weighing of the Heart

A few years ago I spent some time in Cairo.  As is my nature, I broke away from the main tourist amenities and sought out some of the local neighborhoods.  As I crossed the Nile River and began to seek out some of the local eateries, a young man approached me and told me that he wanted to take me to his brother.  He told me that his brother was an Egyptologist and had a business painting papyri and that at one time, the boxer Muhammad Ali had come to visit him at his shop and that he would like me to meet with his brother.

A bit skeptical, nonetheless with curiosity peaked, I agreed and was led along a few blocks along some main thoroughfares and then back a few blocks more into some back alleyways, and sure enough, was led to a shop filled with papyri and aromatic oils.  There, prominently displayed on the wall was a worn and yellow photo of the brother and Muhammad Ali in what was clearly, even though some 30 years later, this very same shop.

The brother, who called himself Dr. Fadi, said that he had a Ph. D. in Egyptology from the University of Alexandria and that he had one of the few shops approved by the Ministry of Trade to make papyri for sale to state sanctioned channels as hotels and other tourist venues.

He pulled down one of his papyri and proceeded to explain its meaning:

When a person became deceased, his heart was weighed against that of a feather, or Ma'at.  If the heart was found to be heavier than the feather (Ma'at), the deceased was denied entrance into the company of the Gods and, depending on the era of interpretation, either ceased to exist in entirety, or was destined to wander the lower realms.

He then asked if I wanted to buy one of the papyri, at a price that seemed a bit exorbitant, and so I refused, thanked him for the story, but then stated that English has its own equivalent to the Story of the Weighing of the Feather, and that the story was encoded into the English Alphabet.

He looked at me with a bit of incredulity, but undeterred, I asked him for a pencil and paper and that I would explain the Story of the Weighing of the Feather as it was applied to Esoteric English.

He gladly complied and requested I share a cup of Turkish coffee (gouwa) which arrived shortly thereafter.

I then explained to him some of the deeper esoterics of the English language and Alphabet.

The Letter E is the symbol for Ma'at.  Some might presume such to be the T, and one might not be in error, but the real letter for Ma'at is the letter E.

When E is turned 90 degrees clockwise, the center line of the E becomes the fulcrum.  The "heart" is now set on the upper or lower horizontal line of the original E.

But let's digress.

The Osirian Illuminatus philosophy is set against the "26" and the first 32 decimal digits of Pi.  Since Letters/Numbers/Sounds are one and the same, the word MA'AT is in and of itself a self explanatory Letter/Number/Sound pictogram of this occult Qaballistic principle.

Whether by coincidence, or design, there is a clear rational relationship between Pi and the astronomic properties of Earth.

The basic astronomic properties of Earth begin with the Winter Solstice as the first marking point.  26 weeks later, the Earth will complete 1/2 of its orbit around the Sun.

Hence "26" delineates the Pi Proportion of the Earth's 52 week cycle around its Sun.

Since "26" represents half of the Earth's cycle around its Sun as set against a Solstice measuring point, then 1/2 of the 1/2 cycle would be 1/4 of the cycle.  1/4 of the Earth's cycle around the Sun in English is called the "Equinox", a word that says "Equal Sun".

When this astronomic reality is set back against Pi, the first two digit pair to repeat in Pi is the number 26.  Broken down further, there is exactly 13 letters between the two 26's.  These 13 Letters may further be conceptualized into a form of spiral that reveals the 13 weeks that divide the 26 weeks.

These 13 weeks are encoded with the Letter M.

The first "0" in Pi is found at the 32nd decimal digit.  This "0" is as the Fool card of the Tarot, of which there is 22 Major Arcanum.  When we enter into the "the Fool" or the "0" card, we return back the beginning of Pi, or the "1" digit of "3.14159....".  Now we count in 22 digits representing the 22 Major Arcanum:

What we notice is that we reach "The World" or the 22nd card of the Major Arcanum at exactly the "middle of the second 26".


The number of digits that lie OUTSIDE of the center 13 digits between the 26's and the "0" or "Fool" is exactly 9 digits on the right side of the second 26 and 5 digits to the right of the decimal point and prior to the second 26.

9+5 = 14 = AT

M = 13
AT = 14

Or, on a more cryptic level this may be represented as simply "13.14".

The first "A" takes the properties of a pictogram, itself a representation of the "Scales".  What is being weighed is "13" opposed to "14".  

We have again demonstrated "Pi", but have still not completed the demonstration.

MA'AT is the definitive "code word" that describes Pi.  This can be demonstrated further through the "Principles of the Letter E.

E, being the "5th Amendment", or "5th Letter", has a "right to remain silent" as in "life", "knife", "wife", and so forth.  However, in a system fused to "number/letter/sound", the "silent sound" would, of some necessity, be linked to the number 0.  

This is accomplished through the summation of 5 (E) from 1 to itself (5).

The sum of 1:5 is 1+2+3+4+5 = 15 = O Letter in that O is the 15th letter of the Alphabet.  E, therefore, has values of itself (5) and the sum of 1 to itself, which is 15, or "0".  The difference, of course, between 5 and 15 is "10", and thus the "0" may be viewed at times as being "10".

When we consider the E to be "the Scales of Ma'at" as a pictogram, the Scales of Ma'at are inseparable from the symbol of the FEATHER, wherein the word FEATHER is, itself, a mathematical pictogram for MA'AT, or "Pi" as "13.14".

This is demonstrated through basic principles within the Art or Craft of "Gematria".

The Isisian Codes places the Letters T and R as "4" and "2" respective.  When adding the Letters, then, of the word FEATHER, we have the formula of 6+5+1+4+8+5+2 = 31.  This is the palindrome, or reverse, of the number 13.  Since we know that E, using its "special properties", also has a value of 15, or an addition value of "10" from the original word FEATHER, it is easy to see that 31 + 10 = 41, or a palindrome (reverse) of 14.

F(E)ATHER = 13.14

Thus, in the word MA'AT, we may rationally conclude that M is 13, AT is 14, and the first A is acting as "the Scales" which measures the balance of the 13 opposed to the 14.


MA'AT and "the Logos"

What we find, then, is that is "Pi" that is the inherent mathematical property, or "code", to the word MA'AT.

We may then turn to the properties of Ma'at, which are  described as follows:

Maat was the personification of the fundamental order of the universe, without which all of creation would perish. The primary duty of the pharaoh was to uphold this order by maintaining the law and administering justice. To reflect this, many pharaohs took the title "Beloved of Maat," emphasizing their focus on justice and truth.
The Greeks would transmute the principle of Ma'at into what would be called "the Logos", which would further be transmuted or transposed into what is known "the Word", "the Omnific Word", and myriads of related concepts found within Mystic Christianity, Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, and related Western esoteric traditions.

Indeed, the search and recover for this "Word" lies at the very foundation of the esoteric or "speculative" studies within Freemasonry.  Albert Mackay, 33 degree Mason from the turn of the 19th century, rights in his work "The Symbolism of Freemasonry"

The mythical history of Freemasonry informs us that there once existed a WORD of surpassing value, and claiming a profound veneration; that this Word was known to but few; that it was at length lost; and that a temporary substitute for it was adopted. But as the very philosophy of Masonry teaches us that there can be no death without a resurrection,--no decay without a subsequent restoration,--on the same principle it follows that the loss of the Word must suppose its eventual recovery.
He later adds,

The WORD, therefore, I conceive to be the symbol of Divine Truth; and all its modifications--the loss, the substitution, and the recovery--are but component parts of the mythical symbol which represents a search after truth.
How, then, is this symbolism preserved? How is the whole history of this Word to be interpreted, so as to bear, in all its accidents of time, and place, and circumstance, a patent reference to the substantive idea that has been symbolized? 
The "Word", however, originates from "the Logos" of the Greeks and was itself embodied and filled with all the properties of Ma'at.  Says a Martha Nussbaum, in a contemporary observation concerning "the Logos",

Heraclitus was the earliest Greek thinker to make logos a central concept. He urges us to pay attention to the logos, which "governs all things" and yet is also something we "encounter every day." We should probably emphasize the linguistic connections of logos when interpreting Heraclitus's thought. In our efforts to understand the world, we should look to our language and the order embodied in it, rather than to scientific or religious views that neglect this. - emphasis mine" - 

The underlying principles of Ma'at and "the Logos" are, essentially, the same.  Each is a concept upon which the Universe is ordered and through which Chaos is kept in check.  Since Ma'at is a coded word for Pi, we can further infer that "the Word", or "Logos' is "Pi", and thus all the esoteric properties assigned to either Ma'at or "the Logos", of necessity, return us back to Pi.

Pi, therefore, becomes "the Lost Word", and a comprehension of the rational and philosophical properties and physical constructions become the return of the "Lost Word".

Since "letters" are fused to "numbers" are fused to "sound", then the linguistic order found in the language, to include the Alphabet, its grammar, prepositions, gerands, and so forth, become but embodiments of Pi, Ma'at, and the Logos, for it is through the language that Universe becomes "ordered".

The Luminousity of "IS" and "IT" - REALITY

Perhaps it is time for a "REALITY CHECK".

A basic Occult (Qaballistic) truth is that language contains magnitudes of order that may be directly channeled back to "that which Is".  That which "Is", under these conditions, would be, in English, considered "the All".

In each case, be it IS or AL, the underlying number is "13", or the Letter M.

At a fundamental level, the Letter M is a representation of the SUN.  The Sun, being "separated from the Earth, is as Osiris dying and being divided from the material world.  This basic occult reality may be the reason for "good mourning" for it is with the rising of the Sun that we come to realize our separateness from "the All".

We may further infer that the All is "the Sun" through a series of transpositions.

In Spanish, the word LA is the reverse of AL(L) and has a clear palindrome number of 13.  LA is also the Spanish word for THE, wherein THE has letter values of:

T = 4 = 10
H = 8 = 36
E = 5

(T*H)+E = (10 * 36) + 5 = 365 = SUN

In this case, the logical reason for the placement of "THE" before "all things (nouns)" is due to the fact that SUN precedes ALL THINGS and gives live and sustenance to all "things" and should, from a point of reverence, be give a word which "precedes all things".

This balance of 13/14 of Ma'at, then hints that 13 is the spiritual world with the Sun as its primary source, at least relative to this Solar System and planet (Earth).

Consequently, in the phrase THAT WHICH IS, we have created another Qaballistically significant phrase.

THAT = TH - AT = 14

IS = 13

Again, we find that 14, or AT and ID and IT, represent SEPARATIONS from THAT WHICH IS.

"IS", under such philosophical reasoning, remains constant and unchanging.  The condition of "THAT" is a product of the observer being separated from the ALL.

Although this may be a difficult concept to penetrate, we can sum it all up by simply saying that 13 in its many manifestations, when set back against MA'AT or PI as 13.14, hints at the totality of the Spiritual World, while IT represents a separation from THAT WHICH IS.

One may also begin to see the clever coded word in RE-AL-IT-Y.

RE 1314 Y

RE MAAT IT or RE PI IT - or the word REPEAT.

Unfortunately, I am not able to communicate the concept as envisioned, but I trust that some of you will be able to penetrate the conceptual reasoning.


Anonymous said...

Fetch, this ties in so many different threads that I have been considering with 13/M. The scales of judgment piece is great. Keep up the enlightening work!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

"The underlying principles of Ma'at and "the Logos" are, essentially, the same. Each is a concept upon which the Universe is ordered and through which Chaos is kept in check" The sciences - as well as the very prose above from whatever source - demonstrate there really is no chaos per se. There's structure in Chaos and thus here we are via Nature. 0

Besides the exclusivity of human perception, they might be referring to the order, controlling of, large groups of people. But I think nature has this covered too and it's really about a contrived control which is more the exploitation.

"At a fundamental level, the Letter M is a representation of the SUN."

Yet the M, as mentioned, is the Only letter in which the intonation of it ends with the mouth fully closed. Mars, Mary, Mater, matter, matrix, marry, maritime...

Sun is star and the correspondence there is with tzaddi if I'm not mistaken. The path of the Natural Intelligence.