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Monday, November 15, 2010

Rebel Path Radio Reprise Wrap-Up

The Rebel Path Radio Reprise with the Celtic Rebel on the Rebel Path Radio aired live on November 14/15 in the United States - November 15 for many of us, and without a doubt, the Rebel Path Radio Reprise was a fast paced, informative, casual show that spun through many topics. Although we had hoped to get into the deeper aspects of the Isisian Codes, instead what ensued was a rather light and casual conversation which took us from Hockey to Politics to the Isisian Codes.

And yeah - a little bit of Crowley and Manley P. Hall thrown in...

While I went through the show pumped up on coffee, Alex cruised through with a bottle of wine.

The show was very successful with the end conclusion that, believe it or not, 3 hours for the show was simply too short, and so we hope to do another show which will be 4 hours in length.

You can catch the Celtic Rebel's preliminary write-up which is currently titled "Watching the Detectives".

The server at Oracle Broadcasting seemed to crash immediately after the show, so the archives were a bit late in being available.  Oracle Broadcasting did, however, fix the glitch and you can now catch the show here:






Thanks to Alex for providing the embed link.

We would like to thank all the listeners and callers and those who stopped by from Rumor Mill News.  I enjoy Rumor Mill News, btw, and do recommend it.  If you are in the States and wish to advertise online, Rumor Mill News seems to deliver, so give them a try.

The show numbers were up, the chat room was lively (trolls were pwned as fast as they arrived from what I understand), and the show moved along without any real technical glitches.

We discussed the difference between knowledge and action, and hinted at the idea that rational political targets should be set if a mass of society choses to participate in government, be it a local government or an entire cabinet level agency as the FCC (Federal Communications Commission).

This is how politics works.

There is a practical side to politics and those who chose to do nothing chose to be governed over.  One must rise above the simplicity of "voting" and participate in the activities of governing.

More radio shows are being scheduled and planned...so stay tuned and thanks again for all the continued support.



Anonymous said...

your appearance on this network shows your true colors. might as well go on Alex Jones. I'm done...bye bye

Anonymous said...

Hi Dennis I still have yet to access this one or the star theory but I cant imagine the network being a problem for any of your shows. Did I miss something? Are they owned by Soros? If a place is allowing yours and others to be heard.... What is the beef? Any way ... Will be catching up later. Take care and keep up the great work :) Renee'.

Anonymous said...

Great show again,
nice to hear...

Stay Sunny... : )

Anonymous said...

hey, just stopping by to say my wife Anna and I enjoyed the show, also during the show, a link was thrown up for the isisian codes, which i lost, so if you happen to have the link still, mind posting it? we're interested in learning more about it. Looking forward to the next show you and Alex do! - Steve and Anna

Dennis Fetcho said...

Hello everyone -

Sky - I think everything is corrected and you should be able to access the show. TD - as always, thanks for the support and backlink. Steve and Anna - any links thrown up during the show are controlled by Alex and so I would have any control or necessary knowledge of what was thrown up. I have a hard time focusing on the chat room and the physical delivery of the show. Not such a good multi-tasker in that regard, so in general, I only follow the chat during breaks in general. So can't really help on any links for the show...

Jon Spock said...

Nice show with the Rebel. Great to hear two erudite people discussing both serious and not so serious topics.
Are you familiar with the work of the Meru foundation (http://www.meru.org/) about the origin of Arabic/Hebrew letters from hand gestures? Don't know if there is any connection with English but would be interested to hear your take on this

Anonymous said...

Appearing on The Rebel Path is construed by some as selling out? I might hemorrhage my brain were I to try and wrap my mind around that. Thanks for coming on the show again. It was a lot of fun. The image you found here is, well, perfect.

Dennis Fetcho said...

Yah CR - I was bleeding from the forehead from a bit too much head scratching. But hey, the comment was respectful and deserved to be aired but yah.

As an aside, I would have no problems going on Alex Jone's show...he does a good job raising awareness even if he does not dare go into some areas that I and perhaps you and some others are willing to do.