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Friday, October 29, 2010

Star Theory Interview Wrap-Up

On October 10, 2010, I had the honor and privilege to be on Blog Talk Radio's "Star Theory with Kyle Hunt".  In case you missed the show, you can catch it here:

Listen to internet radio with Star Theory on Blog Talk Radio

You can view his write-up of the show here.

The show was a two hour show, with bumpers and intros themed around the movie Pi.  The show was a 2 hour show and we took a phone call from some woman of American Indian descent who, in so often heard fashion from so many groups, railed against "the White man" as if we who live in todays day and age of the common man are responsible for the actions and results of a long ago past.

Kyle had a great quote to this effect when he said,
The “white man” in today’s world is blamed for quite a lot whilst being given very little credit for some of the most a-mazing acts of creation and liberation. We are all on this planet together and should learn from each other. It does little good to continue playing out the same tired roles (rules) of master/slave and abuser/victim. This is no way to live together and only serves to keep us all in bondage.
Actually, Kyle is a pretty good writer, and his material is insightful and entertaining.  Many of his articles are worth a look, so I have added "Star Theory" to the recommended list of Illuminatus Observors.

Kyle is new to the idea of a comprehensive English Qaballa and his enthusiasm for the concept showed through in the show.   The topic is, admittedly, a difficult topic and we were able to cover some of the basic elements of the Isisian Codes and how the concept is based on phonetics set against mathematics.

However -

Being but the second radio show interview (live), it is safe to say that the message in this format is in the nascent stage of development.  Still, the show was well received and the numbers were good and we would like to thank all who have come by to listen.

There are more radio interviews being planned, a repeat on each of the now previous two shows, the first being with Celtic Rebel, and the second will be a follow-on show with Kyle.

To those of you who have been regular readers and listeners of the work covered here and at Inside the Eye, I would like to thank everyone for their continued support.  Inside the Eye has had an absolutely amazing month, with just a little under 1 Gb of file transfer per day, while the Illuminatus Observor is off its high of August but still doing extremely well.

Your continued linking of the Illuminatus Observor and Inside the Eye in your forums and communities and websites and blogs and so forth is the glue that keeps the Word expanding on the world wide web.

With a recent move completed and Internet installed, new material is on the way and again, thanks for all your comments and support and thanks to everyone who supported Kyle and I on Star Theory Radio.

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