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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Esoteric Constructions in Words

Esoteric constructions abound in the English language.  The language contains within it a "coded Truth" that, once glimpsed, shines as a torch on what is the blackness of the surface of the sea in the dead of the night.
What is the highest aspiration for which one can reach?  Is it the resting place of Jehovah?  Is it the resting place of Typhon?  Is it the resting place of Seth?


The highest point for which one may achieve is the resting place of EVE, for "EVE'S REST" is the highest point on the planet.

The highest point for which one can reach to "rest" is with the Goddess (EVE).

Reaching the top of Mt. Everest is the pinnacle of the mountaineering achievement.  Reaching such a pinnacle, do we invoke "alef"?  Do we invoke "gimmel"?  Do we invoke "daleth"?


We invoke PI and the PINE CONE, for each is integral to the root of the word PINNACLE.

In the Greek God Dionysus, we recognize the transposition of Osiris.  Consequently, reaching the "pinnacle" is to reach for Osiris.

If we reach, therefore, to scale the resting place of Eve (Mt. Everest), or to otherwise reach for the PINNACLE of some achievement, we are reaching for either Isis or Osiris.

What follows is a small bit of musing into techniques used and the nature of esoteric constructions in words.

The Double Headed Eagle

The Book of Formation states the following:

"These twenty-two letters, which are the foundation of all things, He arranged as upon a sphere with two hundred and thirty-one gates, and the sphere may be rotated forward or backward, whether for good or for evil; from the good comes true pleasure, from evil nought but torment."

Words may be written "forward" or "backward" as "upon a sphere".  Those which are written in reverse MAY have a negative attribute relative to the Construction.

They also MAY NOT.  But we should be aware of the technique to give us some added insights into the Construction.

For instance.  A ROOF is what is above one's head, in a manner of speaking, while a CEILING (SEALING) is as what seals the outer ROOF from the inner temple, as it were.  Reverse the word ROOF and we reveal the word FOOR.  ADD the "L" and a F(L)OOR is but the opposite of a ROOF.

It is said that "Adolph Coors", founder of Coors Brewery and the Coors brand of beers, travelled to the Rocky Mountains and it is from "Rocky Mountain Spring Water that Coors is brewed."  However, we can note that the maxim regarding the two headed eagle, that words may be interpreted forward or backwards, comes into play again.

The word ROC(key) and CO(o)R's are but inverses, or reverses, of the same letters.



We may then peer a bit further to reveal that C-OR = SEER, while O's, equaling E's, reveals more clear CEER's or SEERS.

At the CORE of the system are the SEERS.

Of course, we need not demonstrate such ideas with such mystical constructions. Consider the lowly bird, how its head moves up and down while search and pecking for food.

Now consider the sport of basketball and the act of "DRIBBLING a BALL".

What, precisely, separates the observable motion of the BIRD to that of the DRIB(BLE)?  The word DRIB is BIRD in reverse.  The inherent motion of a ball as it is "dribbled" has been fused as a verb (to drib-ble) and yet is but the opposite of a noun from which the action many be observed (a bird).

BIRD = DRIB(ble)

Coincidence?  Or Construction?

Principle of Notaricon

Notaricon is a form of esoteric shorthand.  In the practice, it is not much different than the idea of an acronym.  For instance, we know that the use of the letters CIA, in general, applies to the United States "Central Intelligence Agency".  In this case, a new "word", CIA, is coined as an acronym, comprised of the first letter of the words that make up the phrase.

However, the English Alphabet is, in and of itself, a form of Notaricon code.

The Letter B is the word BE and BEE, equally.   Hence in the word BLESS, implying "to increase or benefit", contains the Notaricon code set of BE LESS.

There is a philosophical quandary here: is one invoking another to "become less", or is this a concept of "inverse duplicity", willfully encoded as an extreme opposite but carrying the meaning of the opposite of the extreme opposite?

Words may have SINGLE LETTER NOTARICON, or the entire word may be a literal form of NOTARICON.

For example.

The Word SWORD, linked as it is to the sign of AIR, and AIR being linked to the SPOKEN TRADITIONS, provides us with a fascinating set of insights into the use of Notaricon.  We begin with the word SWORD.


What is the probable word derived from the notaricon "S"?

Obviously, since the SWORD is assigned to the element of AIR, and AIR is assigned to the Oral Traditions as AIR is the medium through which the Spoken Word travels, we can surmise the most logical word relative to Notaricon is that the letter S is hiding the word SPOKEN.

Since a SPOKE is a radius of a wheel, we can break down the word set SPOKEN WORD to read SPOKE AND WORD.  In this case, the Letter N is a form of NOTARICON for the word AND.  Since we know that the SPOKE is the radius, then the word must be PI, for it is the circumference of the circle derived from the SPOKE.

Of course, in the word AIR we have the A as I(1) and the I as I(1), which, when combined, reveals II, which is PI, or "the Word", but we observe.

One must always be aware of the use of Notaricon in word creation, and especially as this word create applies to esoteric constructions.

Single Letter Notaricon Constructions

Consider that the Construct is fused to Nature. The Letters, named and designed as they are against the very patterns of Nature, effectively represent Nature. Through deciphering the Letters we are able to come to an understanding of Nature as Nature has been set down to words.

For instance.

The Letter B. It is the Goddess pregnant with Horus. It is the profile of a pregnant woman, and as such "Latent Life", as opposed to manifest life, or the Letter R (are). The Letter is also the BEE. Here we have the link to the Goddess and the Queen BEE. The shape of the HIVE is that of a HEXAGON. Within this HEXAGONAL structure is a substance called HONEY.

Note here the some of the variants on the color of HONEY.

The color variants of HONEY match the color variants of BEER. Within the word BEER is the word BEE, and it is from the BEE that is derived HONEY. In this way is BEER as the BEE fused to HONEY as the BEE - it is the color and health benefits, derived from nature, that are then fused to the Letter B.

Since B is the Goddess, the ultimate fusion is that HONEY DOES NOT DEGRADE OR SPOIL when exposed to AIR. In this case, AIR is defined as the corrupting forces of TYPHON and hence it is the product of the Goddess which cannot be spoiled by the obfuscation of Jehovah/Typhon/Seth.

In the Letter C, we have both positive and negative notaricon usage set to archetypes.

In the negative aspect, the C is the SEA which, like the LEMON TREE, is a sight to behold but whose fruit is bitter and cannot be partaken of directly.

The SEA, which covers the life that lives underneath, and in the process, obscures the SUN, is representative of the drowning of mankind in a SEA OF DELUSION (the DELUGE).

Since the SEA is the realm of Jehovah/Typhon/Seth, aka as "Jah", it should come as no surprise that to "glide above the waves" would become the sport of JAH-ting.


Since the Letter C is derived from the OCCULTATION OF THE SUN OR MOON, the C carries with it the willful deceptions aimed at fooling mankind and deluding it further.

However, the C also carries with it the positive aspects of the Occult.

Since the word OCCULT is derived from the word OCCULTATION, this word carries with it the principle of "concealing and revealing".  Hence in the Letter C we have the very principle (in past tense) of the word SEED.

The Seed contains all the potential of what the plant shall and can be, hence with a simple modification of D to N, the word SEED become SEEN.

Each word, therefore, represents a form of past tense.  The SEED, it could be said, has SEEN what the plant can and will become.

This is a form of conceptual reasoning, based on the Construct, but provides a very clear example of how esoteric constructions are built into words.

This form of analysis and construction is simply expanded across the entire Letter sequence.

As this is accomplished, what slowly emerges is a comprehensive philosophical construction that sheds light on an ideal known as "Universal Truth".

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Unknown said...

Funny about bird and drib. I forgot about dribble when pondering this. Rather than a bobbing head it's both bird and ball going from earth to air and back.

Oldish blog. I just saw an update on Fukushima, 4/15/15. These sort of games above will be utterly moot in the not too distant future.