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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Weddings and other Occult Constructions

I know. "Dude. You are talking about "weddings". Throwing in words like, "esoteric constructions" is like, so-o unromantic." But hey, when the Construct can be shown to be embed into so many seemingly everyday "things", surely something as ritualistic and important as a "wedding" would, too, have its occult construction?

Why, for instance, would it be called a "wedding"?

After all, solve for the very core of the Occult Construct and you are sure to more rapidly come to understand the nature of the Construct itself.

The Construct and the Occult

Let's review the basics once again.

The "Construct" implies a rational crafting to what the masses term "reality". The Construct itself is built upon a conceptual, which, at its absolute core, is set against Numbers, Letters, and Sounds. There is a philosophical checkpoint upon which this whole is crafted. This "checkpoint" is euphemistically termed "the Word", but is reality is a "Number", said number being the ratio of the circle to its diameter.

This is also known as "Pi".

O's are regarded as feminine, while 1's are viewed as "masculine". This is a reduction of the philosophy down to its very core. The diameter cannot exist without the circumference, and vice versa.

Words themselves are embed with conceptual Occult underpinnings. These underpinnings we may term as "hidden meanings" or "conceptual foundations". For example. If we say to you, "this article is a concept that is still conceptual and is in an early stage of its conception", the hidden Occult process was to highlight the 1 and the 0 through a utilization of pattern and words.

"Conception" by its very nature means "male and female", or "1's" and "0's", for in order for the female to have "conception", a uniting of male force is implied.

This process is known as "building a conceptual" upon a concept. You may then expand upon the idea through invocation of the "if/then" proposition, which is referred to as "the Scales" or "the Letter E".

Example again:

Plutarch writes in "On the E at Delphi",

They met here by themselves; and after discussing the matter, dedicated the letter which is fifth in the alphabet, and also as a number signifies five, thus making their own protest before the God, that they were five, discarding and rejecting the seventh and the sixth, as having no part or lot with themselves.

He then goes on to say,

"No, the Delphic Officials', said Nicander the priest, speaking for them, 'believe that it is a vehicle, a form assumed by the petition addressed to the God; it has a leading place in the questions of those who consult him, and inquire, If"

Now observe clear how the Construct has been built upon Numbers, Letters, and Sounds.

When Plutarch references a "protest before the God", the term "God" (yes, CAPITALIZED) refers to the Alphabet. The Letter "E" is being assigned the dialectic, or part of speech, called "the conjunction". "If this", then "that".

This form of conjunction is instrumental in "reasoning", but too is necessary for willful Occult constructions. You must establish your base foundation, the "if" portion of the formula, and "then" solve for the "then" component.

This may be demonstrated from the following "musing", or usage of reason and logic to solve for the Construct.

The "IF" portion of the formula is that IF is a conjunction being assigned to the Letter. As Plutarch clearly shows, the Letter E is being attached to the fifth location of the Alphabet, , but the sixth and 7th is clearly being "rejected" or "protested to." E is "Five".

However, simply reduce it all down.

The word FIF(TH) is simply the CONJUNCTION of IF, written "forwards and backwards". "FI" is IF backwards. Combine the formula FI and IF to form FIF, add the suffix of TH as a past tense, and you have the term FIFTH.

The core of the word FIFTH is the CONJUNCTION of IF written FORWARDS AND BACKWARDS.


Furthermore, as the Isisian Codes show, "F" is located at position number 6 and "V" is located at the number 6 position.

FI is IF backwards and IV is IF with a phonetically softened sound, and yet this 6 position comprises the FIVE word.

What has changed?


The Occult construct remains elusive to grasp even as it sits and is explained for you.

Try to move our formula. You cannot, but you can try, and while you are trying, we simply take this IF-THEN pattern and extend it into the vocabulary which is further set against a "conceptual" which is further fused to Nature.

To "WED" means to "join two halves together", typically referring to "male and female" (hence, paranthetically, the rather Occult "war" on marriage as a male-female institution).

If we simply reverse the word WED, we create the word DEW. In the word DEW, what we view is "conceptual point" whereupon "Geb" as Earth meets "Nut" as Sky. "Dew" is the physical representation of conceptual joining of these "two halves".

And "IF" mountains are "1's" (the word AIN is "One" which sorta gives it away for you), and the Conceptual is based on "1's as males and "0's as females, then you should now be able to solve for the Pi proportion to this popular drink, equally.

Turning Concepts "Inside Out"

In order to better grasp the Occult signature, or code, in the word WEDDING, it might be beneficial to understand a concept that some authors call "turning objects inside out". For example, in the diagram above, the Pentagon is said to be dualistic to the Pentacle. The Pentacle as represented solely as a Pentacle (without the Pentagon shape) is said to be a representation of the Pentagon being "turned inside out".

This concept is key to fabrication of Letters which are set against mathematical summations.

The Letter B, for instance, is located at number 2. The formula of 1+2=3 is as the Letter B "turned inside out". We may also represent the Letter B as being "contracted", or hiding the formula letters "+2=", revealing only the 1 and the 3 as definitive shapes instrumental in the shape of the Letter B.

The same holds true for the Letter D. If we turn the Letter D "inside out", what we would find is the mathematical formula of 1+2+3+4=10.

The Letter B and D represent a binary expression of 2:4, which, if extended, would become the number 8, or 2:4:8.

It could be argued that the 8 Letter position could, too, be represented by an "inside out" conceptual representation in that we find the following:


A 6 x 6 figure, or a "6 sided figure", is also known as a HEXAGON. What we find is that the Letters H and X are positioned at number 8 of the Isisian Codes and it is these two letters that are the root letters to the word for "HX"agon.

However, so summarize this concept:

The Letter B is an "inside out representation of the mathematical formal of the Sum of 1:2=3. The B comprises the center part of the formula, while the 1 and the 3 are the outer portions. This same conception holds true for the Sum of 1:4=10. D comprises the central position of the formula but is represented by the outer integers of the mathematical formula.

This patterns is KEY to understanding the Occult signature embed into the word WEDDING.

"Alphabet Wrapping" and the Secret to Weddings and Wednesday

By now, perhaps you have enough information to begin to put the entire puzzle together yourself, but if not, we will close out this article by spoiling another really clever Occult code.

When analyzing words, you can nearly bank on the philosophical co-relation of words which share similar "roots". "Roots", from an Occult perception, are consonants. Hence in the word WED, the root letters are W and D.

Taken further, if we simply write the word WED, how would really know if we are referring to "Wednesday" or the verb "WED" as in "They were wed last weekend"?

You can't possibly know without some further information that helps formulate a basis for your conclusion.

From an Occult perception, at the core, WED as it applies to Wednesday or a Wedding, shows no real philosophical core difference. Each word used in its context means "the joining of two halves." Wednesday is, after all, also referred to as "Hump Day", with the archetypes rapidly and easily blurring between what becomes a wedding evening and a Wednesday day.

In our Western construct, we give pre-eminence to the Sun. We do not take off Saturn's day. Why would we do that? We honor the Sun and so our Western traditional day of rest is on the Sun's day, or Sunday. Further, the days of the week are crafted around Western traditional formulations, with Monday said to be referring to the Moon, while Wednesday is Wotan's day.

However, the word WED NES DAY has a very simple code.


The Wedding of the Sun Day.

In other words, the "joining of the two halves".

Sun Mon Tues = First Half
WED NES DAY = Joining of the Two Halves
Thur Fri Sat = Second Half.

But why WD day?


Remember. It all goes back to Acroamatic Ciphers.

Their are 26 weeks to each half of the year. The Alphabet is 26 Letters, representing each of these two halves. The Alphabet must be understood to be "joined" at "two halves", or to at minimum, continue on in an unbroken string from A-Z-A-Z and so forth.

And then, of course, there are additional ciphers created from such a conceptual process. But for this demonstration, lets simply join the Alphabet at (ZA).


Well, because we can encode our philosophy and hide it all in plain site.

I call this "Alphabet Wrapping", although it has its technical term. When the Alphabet is numbered in such ways, words like WIZARD begin to stand out, for WIZARD shows the following:

W = 4 = D
I = 9 = R
Z = 1 = A

This is the master number, or (4*9)*(1*1)*(9*4) = 36*1*36 = 1296 = LIF(e)

By focusing even more narrowly, we understand that Wednesday is a "correlational hump day", meaning that we can set the week into a Pi Proportion by considering 1 week to be "1 circle", and hence WD would be the Center, but REPRESENTED BY THE OUTER FORMS OF THE FORMULA.

The Letters W and D become the outer formula of the inner representation (day) through the "joining of the two halves" at ZA.

Then again...we do go back to ISIS and Osiris.

Isis was married to Osiris and Osiris is said to have been killed by Seth. Brides marry Grooms. If we reverse the word GROOM, we arrive at MOORG - a place where the dead (Osiris) are taken.

Could this be yet another pun delivered by a hidden elite to hide Osirian secrets from the Setianists?


Anonymous said...

Holy Crap. So, you know what I would really like you to break down for me? Funerals. I bet that would be insane.

Anonymous said...

Hell yeah...can you break it down for us too. That Pi stuff is really intense. We've been sharing your blogs at www.myspace.com/pandamonia

Unknown said...

So Fi, phonetically, is Phi - and related to the pentagram which is actually gon(e). V-enusian orbit as pentagonal also...

With this alphabet wrapping we Finally see mention of the Z. Why is it missing from the Isis Code?

Pretty funny about Wednesday - Traditional day of magick. It is wedged... into midweek.