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Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Rule of Colel - the Podcast

The Rule of Colel - the Podcast contains the typical two segment formula of Inside the Eye. This podcast/show is directly linked to the article "The Rule of Colel and Shifts of One", which, if you have not had a chance to read the article (or need to read it again), has the monologue segment imbed into the article.

Inside the Eye has had over 1200 hits now in a little over 2 months and I am hoping to get some help soon to spice up the content so that the franchise has a bit more value aside from a repository for the podcasts.

Stay tuned for that. Here is the full "Rule of Colel" podcast. The monologue is Segment 1, while Segment 2 is an unscripted talk show format.

Podcast #6, Segment 1 - Rule of Colel and Shifts of One - monologue

Podcast #6, Segment 2 - The Rule of Colel and Shifts of One

In Segment 2, we give a special recognition to Elluminati.blogspot.com for an amazing amount of referrals from his "Masonic Agency that Developed the Obama Logo" article as well as a special congratulations to Todd Campbell, the author/blogger behind Peering through the Looking Glass

Todd has been a long time friend of the Illuminatus Observor and was recently interviewed by Henrik at Red Ice Creations.

This was Todd's first interview show so big congratulations out to Todd.

What I see is that the Synchromystic "genre" has a unique and growing audience. To that end, I am considering putting together a weekly Synchromystic Wrap-Up Show that covers the blogging and related website scene, providing weekly insights and observations - an effort to contribute a new perspective to this growing audience.

If you are interested in such a show, do take a second to participate in the poll on the sidebar. Even if you are not interested but enjoy the site, your feedback is appreciated.

Thanks again to all the early listeners and hope you enjoy the latest offering of "Inside the Eye".

1 comment:

Trade Mark said...

I enjoyed the program and site. I was invited here from a listener but must offer you this.

I see you have been trained in esoteric/occult/Hermetic philosophy but have you ever considerd this training to have any real value besides manipulating others in the social arena?

I consider society the cult of ego. It created and maintains ego as a yoke. What will people do when it falls suddenly or it changes shortly from the issues that plague the world today and especialy the States? Pull out a hermetic dictionary, a Talisman, a kabbalistic tree of life or a M.P. Hall book for guidance through the tribulations?

What is your motivation I should ask?

Is it to spend endless days in hermanutical interpretations of books of numbers and letters and to plant this seed amoung your listeners?
All this is endless and you know it unless we get to the root of roots.

What fruit will this produce or what fruit has it produced in the grand scheme of changing social reality to a more natural and healthy enviroment for mankind and our offspring and theirs?

Are you an Agent?

You speak in cycles of Good and evil, light and darkness. I offer this as your trap in the systems of meer teachings of men. You have masterd ignorance in tongues of war and games of play with the manipulations of the Abacus and statistics. These only create worhtless thought forms.

Are you a patron to King Divide and Queen Conquer?

All human problems are social problems and you lend it your ear and preach it with your wet lips from your hedonistic elite position with out any ascetic or simple points of refrance.

These abstract concepts only divide mankind and studants in his attempt to return to the garden. Encouraging this type of study sends the studant in awe of the glory of these man made anylitic sythetic dicotomy's rather than in the direction of finding his true egoless self. This type approach makes volition go extict and the studant/listener idle in study to later proclaim it as his/her divine revalation and build the ego.

Sorry, I just get sick of all the occult hermanutics with no call to action or "end of the tunnel" on the web. Perhaps post a mission statement and call to action if any. Perhaps its just entertainment and thats ok for those domesticated guard dogs who wont re-wild and who will be left behind.

Nature is perfect and it changes in a constant borderless and seamless flow. Therefor, go and do likwise.

Peace be with you.