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Monday, July 21, 2008

"Christmas in July", and other Occult Anomolies

Well. It is that time of year again. Christmas in July. What an odd and funny sort of holiday. Doesn't get much celebration, and gets even less and less attention these days, but there was a time when "Christmas in July" was at least mentioned more than a few times a day around about the town.

But before I get too deep into "Christmas in July", the Illuminatus Observor has had a birthday of sorts. The blog turned a year old on July 16 and has proved to have interest that I believed was out there, but never really knew for sure because there was no place to come and check out the information without the typical trolling environment found on the various public forums where it used to be posted.

The audience has increased and I would like to thank everyone out there that has promoted it and come in for a visit. Although I am busier than I used to be, and I have less time to write, there is an ample supply of Hermetic work here to satisfy the curious, and still more available to satisfy the serious inquirer. We are receiving over 100 unique visitors per day now for the last 90 days, and page views have exceeded over 4500 per month. There have been over 23000 Illuminatus Observors and I have received some pretty cool acclaim out there from some of you who understand the contribution.

So thanks, and without further adieu.

The Bullet Proof Monk

I am currently still in the Middle East. Amman, Jordan, to be exact. I consider this place my second home. There is not a whole lot of entertainment on the television satellite, and I am not a big watcher of the tube anyways, but I was watching "MBC Action" and a movie called "Bulletproof Monk" was showing.

Now mind you, I myself was provided assistance in my early days by a Grand Master in Taoism, and so at times can relate to the Eastern mystical traditions and martial arts themes. At any rate, in the movie there is a Tibetan monk who is guarding a secret that brings back youth, of which it is all contained in particular Tibetan verse. Well, he meets up with an American pick pocket who he believes to be the next guardian of the great secret, and the Tibetan monk is talking about "enlightenment", and goes on to say something to the effect of,

"Let me put this in a way you can understand. Why do hot dog buns have eight buns, and yet hot dogs come in packs of ten. Within the answer is enlightenment".

"Gee", I thought. "How clever." I wonder if the author really knew what he was doing. Sorta like the word "SCORPIO". Score Pi x 10. Multiply Pi by 10. Scorpio is sorta like the 8 hot dog buns and the 10 hot dogs.

Scorpio appears in "October", and yet October contains the root of "octo", which is "8". So why is Scorpio located in a month where the root is "octo", or "8", and yet the month of October is "10"?

See. Gaining "enlightenment" is often no more complex than solving tricky little riddles encoded into the language and the world around you. So whether 12 ounce cans of aluminum contain 26 cans to a pound, or whether hot dogs traditionally were packaged in 10, and yet the buns came in packs of 8, or whether October with a root word of 8 is located in the 10th month, well, it all hints at Christmas in July all the same.

"For, as doing an injury is an extreme on the one side, and suffering one is an extreme on other side, and suffering in the middle between them. In like manner the number thirty-six, their Tetractys, or sacred Quaternion, being composed of the first four odd numbers added to the first four even ones, as is commonly reported, is looked upon by them as the most solemn oath they can take, and called Kosmos." (Isis and Osiris.)" - Secret Teaching of All Ages

What a fancy way of saying 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8=36, and if we "score pi times ten", we multiple the "octo" of "October" by its month in the calendar year, which is 10, and we arrive at 36 times 10 = 360 degrees of a circle, which is what?

OCTO = 8 = 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8 = 36 x 10 = 360 degrees of a circle. SCORPIO.

A Pi representation. So to gain enlightenment, next time, just answer the riddle of 10 hot dogs and 8 buns. It is no more complicated than answering the riddle of SCORPIO, which too just happens to be the 8th sign of the ZODIAC.

Christmas in July

Now wait a minute. What on Earth has Humpty Dumpty to do with Christmas in July? Well, to gain enlightenment, one simply needs to solve another riddle. What is the relationship of Humpty Dumpty to Christmas in July?

This one is easy.

What is up is down and what is down is up. Some might call this "the Anchor", while others might call same "the Ankh". Christmas occurs on the Winter Solstice. Solstice is the code.


Words mean precisely what they say. The "Dump T" is the Winter Solstice, or the " T ICE" part of the word "solstice", while the HUMP T is the Summer Solstice, or the "SOL'S T" part of the word SOLSTICE.

The Letter T is the 7th Letter of the second half of the Alphabet, while the Solstice is traditionally the 22 day of December or June.

22/7 = 3.1428571, or reciprocal pi.

So why Christmas in July?

Aye! Because July is the 7th month of the year, and so it is the other part of the year aside from the Solstices where the 22 day will come to rest on the "7", which in this case is the month of July.


I am some of you needed no help in solving this one, but enjoy and thanks for all the support.


Anonymous said...


I just got back from work and took my son with me. As we were at the bank I said as I jotted down the date looking a little odd at it, "today is pi day. I wonder if anyone else knows this."

I get home, turn on your page, and here it sits!


And, we can not forget about August 14, 2008 (usually Aug 15)either. For it is the 227th day of the year! OR another great day usually on the 314th day of the year, November 10th, leap year this year November 9 (11-9).

November 10th - also the USMC birthday

non leap year:
March 14 - 3.14
July 22 - 7.22
Aug 15 - 227th day
November 10 - 314th day

ASHISH said...

Christmas can be in any month?
Because all month have the 22nd day and it can rest on "1" to "12"
22/1/2008 to 22/12/2008

Pls note I am not being arrogant but seek a clarification.

Sincerely yours
Ashish Raje