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Monday, July 28, 2008

Pragmatic Esoteric English

I often get a chuckle out of those who try to impose "linguistics" onto the construct which is English. The idea that the language "evolved" while dismissing the vast body of historical work that hints otherwise is just shabby academics. Sometimes I think that those who are our "teachers" pick and chose what they wish to teach, leaving off inconveniences that lie in the face of contrived theories. In a more sinister sense, this denial of history, facts, and knowledge in face of contrived theories, willful as it is to a larger extent than those in the know will recognize, is part and parcel to the fabrication of a contrived reality controlled by the "hidden elite".

There is power in knowing the truth while the masses remain dormant, unawares and not gifted with the ability to ascertain the manner in which words are controlled to put forward fabricated truths.

Between Esoteric and Exoteric

Words, by their very nature, are veils - they are the physical representation of ideas and concepts and objects set to paper against a series of symbols, aka, "the Letters". Behind each word is a recognized set of meanings, and further behind the words (and letters) remain hidden meanings.

What is "esoteric" and what is "exoteric" is really a fairly recent phenomena relative to English, at least by nature of the "word" itself. The word "esoteric", if we are to believe the entry in Wikipedia, is first recognized to enter the language in 1701 - at least in written form. Comprised as it is claimed from the "Greek", the words root is that of S and O, eso, meaning "within".

Esoteric has been traditionally used to define knowledge or meanings which are traditionally "closely held", while its antonym is the word "exoteric", or a set of knowledge, beliefs, traditions, etc., that are widely known. Competent researchers into the "Occult", or "Western Esoteric Traditions", can point to a wide body of material appearing in the late 1890's and on through the 1930's, where the material appears to taper off in volume and value.

It was during this period that there was a struggle within the Mystery Schools, with some, as Rudolph Steiner, advocating a release of information so that the general population would be better tooled for their own individual spiritual development, while others held the belief that that esoteric knowledge should be withheld from the general masses.

By the late 1960's through the early 1980's, clearly the latter's opinion had held sway, with esoteric knowledge as simple as Manley P' Hall's "Secret Teachings of All Ages" having to be spoken of in hushed terms.

Withholding information, of course, is a "Setian" or "Jehovian" path, by and large. Symbols and words and contrived thoughts all have predictable affects on the audience. The projections carry with them their own sets of vibrations, and enhanced and delivered with precision, have predictable results. A stairway to heaven, set against the Hermit of the Tarot, fused to music and words that speak of the "the Lady who knows" is a song to "the Goddess".

Words have Two Meanings

There's a sign on the wall but she wants to be sure
And you know sometimes words have two meanings
In a tree by the brook there's a songbird who sings
Sometimes all of our thoughts are misgiven
- Led Zeppelin, Stairway to Heaven

Perhaps one of the top 10 rock songs of all time, Stairway to Heaven is filled with "occulted", or esoteric, imagery. "With a word" "she" can "get what she wants. A word and "the Word", perhaps, being interchangeable. Of course, words can have "two meanings" for which what we believe may be "misgiven", or perhaps more appropriately, "willfully or otherwise" given in error. Hence your thoughts are "misgiven".

Yet there is a practical, or pragmatic, approach to the use of "esoteric English" to reveal elements of the Construct. The "Construct" is the philosophical reality fused to the esoteric constructions contained within the Letters. The Letters, their placement, their shapes, their phonetics, their notaricon and temurah, are but elements to aiding in the deciphering of the Construct.

For instance, O is "nothing", which is Feminine. This means that according to "the Construct", from a philosophical representation of truth, that all things are emanating from the Feminine, or "the Goddess". What then is created within itself is "the God", or the A, which is the "1". The B, comprised as it is of the mathematical formula of 1+2=3, means "Male 1" + "Female 2" = "Child 3". Hence the design of the Letter B, is "that of the Goddess Isis", pregnant with the baby Horus, from an acroamatic or philosophical coding.

Yet from a practical or pragmatic "esoteric English", we can see and hear that "the Construct" is tightly woven around the phonetics and design of the letters that comprise the B, which is too the word TWO.

If we reverse the TWO, we form OWT, comprised as it is of the word OUT and OW*CH. Spin back the letters AB to form BA, and we arrive at the word BA-KE, and the word ACHE, equally. Now throw in "childbirth" as process of "C", and it all begins to make sense. The child rises like the bread in the oven, wherein O is but an E and so an OVEN is an EVE-N, wherein each hides either EVE or VENus equally.

Further, as the picture above shows, a "TWO TRUCK" is spun innocently enough to form the word TOW TRUCK.

Then consider "human cultural traditions" relative to the "TOW TRUCK".

The TOW TRUCK is the "second truck", but yet it is the first. The vehicle that does not work is the second vehicle, and consider the traditions of "women not working", at least in the open society. Consider the tradition of women following closely behind the male. Each of these are "traditions" imposed on the population through logical constructions that are traditionally hiding the "Construct", or the nature of the rational design set into the A and the B from a placement position.

The B as "the bee", who is "the Queen", does not go out and work but stays in the HIVE and lays the eggs while the worker bees (as A's) go forth and work. The construct is being hidden in myriads of ways waiting to divulge itself to the interested inquirer.

And while we are on the subject of hidden, or pragmatic, esoteric construction in the language, let us not forget that the "pi"ed "pi"per will "lead us to reason".

And when you have a sudden awakening or awareness? The word is called an E, PI and Phi, or an "epiphany".


Anonymous said...

i get this -- honestly i do

but ive come to realise i havent a clue what it has to do with

"know thyself"

what has that got to do with making babies?

and pi and phi?

i see it encoded all over the place? whos measurement it is i can not say

but the art of love making, phi, pi, know thyself, he and she

im a little lost

one zero
zero one

start stop start stop
in out in out
on off on off
dead born dead born dead born

names and letters and words encoded

for what?

just a story to tale about the birds and the bees?

well here lies a portion of mine:

Q is 153 and reversed = 351 = Z

measuring a name to 153 and oh the last of it would be 17

153 delves its potent 17 into a beloved 223 and adds to give 240. this transforms the new beloved into equal halves of 120. the 240 inspired with the equal for it too had a portion of 120.
when 17 becomes a mirror, his heart beckons to the beloved all the while no idea, what they have created.

too funny


Anonymous said...

here is a perfect example of PHI

and again its only one example:

House of Lorraine, which is the House of Anjou, uses the cross here: from wiki - 1 coin and this one here: The Cross of Lorraine on the Free France Flag" and even this one : Fourth picture and look what is above it heh fancy that!

you can measure the bars of the cross and you will see it plain as the sun. the small one is to the middle as the middle is to the large one. that cross shows you the golden ratio.


Anonymous said...

well forgive me,

i meant to show this also:

The House of Lorraine, Emblem of the Royal Secret - Boyd Rice

you can see the changes in the bars of the cross over time, some still equal some not. but that tells me according to this portion

"The Cross of Lorraine is far more explicit in it's iconography: the bar above mirroring the bar below, both of which are symmetrically affixed to a central pillar that provides balance and equilibrium. As above, so below is, after all, a Hermetic maxim. And the three bars of which the cross is composed echo Eliphas Levi's concept of the true trinity. Levi posited that the world is governed by two primordial forces, one creative, the other destructive. The equilibrium between these two forces constitutes a third force, and the union of the three constitutes what some might refer to as... God.

The central role of the principle of equilibrium in various occult arts cannot be overstressed. For Master Mason Albert Pike, equilibrium represented the Royal Secret, the pivotal principle upon which the universe is ordered.


the male and female together on one pole, shows me the golden ratio of some higher communication?

of PI?

the word of God?

to get it you need a man AND a woman but they must be doing something specific or this is all worthless trash! is this the ritual of sex and the forces within the human body and mind becoming one with the other and when balanced, someone gets to talk to God?

*scritches noggin*

so THATS why God is so hard to hear



but seriously, what is this all about? am i way off my rocker?


Dennis Fetcho said...

The key issue relative to what is being done here at the Illuminatus Observor, and elsewhere in some of the sites being referenced and recommended, is to first lay the foundation upon which a new paradigm can arise.

The Piscean Era, wrapped as it was around a Jehovian cloak, was a disaster for humanity. There is no telling how advanced the race would be had this retarding force not made its way to the tip of the pyramid.

So to create and lay the foundation of a new paradigm, we must first expose the pillars upon which the current paradigm is built. Hence Devereux and his poem "One Basic Truth", wherein one basic truth can support a mountain of lies, and if we pull from that mountain of lies the very truth upon which the mountain of lies is built, the mountain of lies will crumble under the weight of that one basic truth.

It is enought to expose the truth, to allow for the human mind to channel its thoughts away from the parasitisim of the Piscean way. When the Piscean ghouls call souls back as the souls seek to escape torment, the truth allows the soul to walk away free from fear.

This frees the human mind to think in alternate ways and empowers the same mind to be wary of that which is morphs to maintain control.

It is enough to live happy and free, spiritually attuned to ones path free from the interference of they whose existence and worth is measured by the force upon which they can impose themselves on others.

Imagine. There are tens of thousands, and perhaps millions of souls, many in service of the State, whose existence revolves not around themselves, but around the actions and directions of others.

How can you be aware that you are being targeted if you are not versed in the very core elements upon which awareness is predicated?

Once you are free, you are free to listen to the wind wherein if you listen in peace and tranquility, you may find voices of reason that help guide your way.

Those of us who are dedicated to the empowerment and gifting of human spiritual liberty free from parasiticism can only provide tools for individual liberty and spiritual development to rise up.

There are so many forces at work whose value is measured by how much retardion and repression of the race can be achieved. Individuals need to understand that if they wish to live in a state of health and prosperity, they have to work collectively as hard as those who are interested in enslaving them.

Anonymous said...


I've copied your reply. It is so beautiful. Your site is such a treasure.

yours in sovereignty,