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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hermetic Qaballa and the Golden Dawn

When penetrating reality, there is a necessity to link information through time and space. Nothing is being created out of a vaccuum, and every "thing" that may be viewed relative to the Occult are but modifications and transpositions derived from a core set of knowledge.

To say that "there is nothing new under the Sun" might be a simple way to comprehend this, or, if you wish, you may view the manifestations of Occult formulae as being but a reuse and a rehashing of a very well hidden, yet knowable, "core" set of knowledge. Perhaps you may wish to view the idea as an "Occult periodic table". What people view as "life", in all its varied manifestations, are but utilizations of the compounds found in a "periodic table".

The periodic table remains the same. The manifold expressions formed from the periodic table are as varied and complex as the Occult signatures that seek to emulate this reality.

Hence when we peer into any given set of Occult signatures or formulas, if we have the primary key, or the "periodic table", as it were, we can deconstruct nearly everything. Occult Philosophy revolves around the acquisition of this "Occult periodic table", which we may refer to as "the Isisian Codes".

The "golden dawn" provides us with yet another "adumbration" upon which to reflect upon the crafting and ascertain the very essence and the Occult Philosophy as caste into the Isisian Codes, aka, the core of Hermetic Qaballa.

Hermetic Qaballa and Profane Kabballah

The core of the Illuminatus System revolves around a basic reality: one part may be seen, while the other part cannot be seen. The body is available for all to see, while the etheric spirit, or the actual substance of the soul, remains invisibile.

Thus there is a "kabballah" for all to see, and then there is a hidden system removed from view yet, "hermetically sealed" as it were, a system not taught to the masses. Thus we have in practice "two" Qaballa's, which for expressive purposes are written as "kabballah" and "Qaballa".

Kabballah is that which is taught by the rabbis. It is the Cherub and the Flaming Sword, the dreidle, the belief in the cube that spins on the tip (tiperoth), the system that is destined to die, for as all things set forward and utilizes intertia, gravity wears it down, the truth re-inserts itself, and the folly slowly emerges for all to see.

Qaballa, spelled in this way, deals with the hermetically sealed system. It contains with it "the Garden of Eden", the "Veil of Isis", the "Recovery of the Lost Word", among many other labels and caricatures. It is the root code of the Illuminatus Philosophy as taught within Speculative Masonry, the one system designed around an inherent truth that defies ignorance (kabballah).

It is set on two legs (Able) as opposed to the one leg of the dreidle (Cain). It is what is known as "pair of dice", or "paradise", with the phonetic inclusion that a pair of eyes is needed in order to gain perspective and comprehension.

More to the point, the former uses a system of 10's based on Hebrew, while the latter uses an intuitive code set against the 1-9 of English and the Isisian Codes. Since the Isisian Codes prove to be the core framework, all systems eminating out of English will be necessity prove to manifesting the Isisian Codes, regardless of the deflected confusions of the practitioners.

The following demonstration will reveal how this is so.

Hermetic Qaballa and the Golden Dawn

There has always been a "Hermetic Qaballa". It was essentially sealed in the English Language by the practitioners of "speculative Masonry". These schools, influenced by Bacon, among others, wove philosophical truths into the language and the design of the Alphabet.

In turn, it can be surmised, that the Alphabet was "rationally crafted", which is to say that the Alphabet was crafted, its archetypes defined and refined, against logic and reason.

As regards the OTO, or the Golden Dawn, it is clear from the overtness of their codes, that they had indeed come to know the design and nature of the Construct. "777" and "Golden Dawn", are but powerful and yet simplistic foundations of the larger Illuminatus System upon which the Golden Dawn sought (and still seeks) to claim as their pre-eminence to the idea of an "English Qaballa".

Yet the Construct is like the "periodic tables", and so whatever could come out of the Golden Dawn would still be controlled by and hence "decipherable" by the larger Isisian Code framework. All of this, based as it is on "English", would of practical simplicity delude and elude those who sought after the Jewish or Hebrew component set into the Golden Dawn.

Truth was being secreted, but willfully corrupted.

The "whole" is based on "the Word". The Word is Pi. The first 32 decimal digits, to be precise. The system is set against a value of 26, for obvious reasons once one comes to understand the nature of the Word and hence "the Construct".

26 is the Key.

Hence GOD will have a value of 7+15+4=26, or YHVH has a value of 26 and FLAG has a value of 6+12+1+7=26 and ALLA = 1+12+12+1 = 26, and so forth. 26 is such an obvious key to "the Key" that one has to be a fool to chase after a system based on "22". Fitting round pegs into square holes becomes an exercise in futility.

So in order to decipher the Golden Dawn, one needs to have the necessary keys.

The OTO, for instance, may be derived from the above diagram.

The first diamond is 1+7+5+2 = 15 = O
The second diamond is 7+5+5+3 = 20 = T
The third diamond is 7+1+2+5 = 15 = O

The "OTO".

The wordset "GOLDEN DAWN" is derived from an Acrostic Puzzle set against the Letter L.

Also known as "the Tau" and "the Orphic Egg", this is a simple code that reveals Pi. As taught in Western "mysticism", we have the progenitors, or "the Egyptians" and the "Pyramids", defined as OSIRIS, or the Archer. Thus the shape of constellation of ORION is as here:

ORION is, of course, the "archer". Within the ARCHER we have "arcs of a circle", "bows" from which the arrow is shot, and by studying the primary bright stars of ORION and its relationship to the archer who carries his bow, perhaps then you can understand why certain "ties" are called "bow ties", the very shape returning back to Osiris as "the Archer" and the constellation ORION.

Of course, all of this is an adumbration, occult signature, as it were, of a clever set of crafted codes that reveal "the Word", or Pi.

ORION, when set in reverse, and with utilization of the Isisian Codes, reveals:


Pi is 3.1415926, so the very word ORION is revealing the first 7 decimal digits of Pi. When we add "the Old Testament" as defined by ZION, and add this to the "New Testament" as defined by INRI, we create an acrostic puzzle, wherein as seen above, the TAU, the Inverted TAU, and the "IRON CROSS", wherein IRON is but a phonetic play on INRI, each reveal the LETTERS "ORION", or Pi.

In the case of the "GOLDEN DAWN", we simply utilize the center vertical row of ORO. ORO is the "spanish" for GOLD. From the O at the base, we have to the right the Letter N. Since O is 1/2 of the formula of 10, it is often referred to as "10", but TEN contains by default the phonetics of D=T=N, hence the matrix of:


reveals the very simple code of


This code is set against the Letter L, while the totality of the formula of ORION is contained in the Letter T.

Hence T reveals while the L is the "fallen angle/angel" that hides, yet the code is playing on the very same matrix.

At the end of the day, the "Golden Dawn" is but an adumbration of the hidden core code.

Of course, "777" was rather obvious to anyone in the know. That it has fooled people for nearly a century hints at how well is guarded the core code.


ZenOnMars said...

Please comment on the 9/29/08 final Down Jones stock market number: -777.7

Sign or coincidence?



Anonymous said...

how fantastically cool

double (is this like twin? gemini?)
two legs


"O-SIRIS"=A=Able right?

O=365 or 366

Now you mentioned already about the IC 93 combination...

Oh See Eye, Be Eye, See?


which is: 365.(9*3)2(9*3)
= 365.27(2)27
and amazingly enough, 27*27/2=364.5
and also: 9+3.2.9+3
= 12.2.12
and we can go all over with that but i wont (i see a box around a B)
but here is another little neat thing i noticed:
12 and 12 your typical day consisting of 24 hours. and = 12.2.12 is then, (O)365.24=X (12+12=24), 365.XB, 365.BX
but the proper order i suppose would be OBX O.B+X=2+24=26
or in the mirror if you like GODDESS

that is too cool

especially when you consider that = 365.27(2)27 is really also

also, with the double comment above, does this have any relation to Thom which greek means twins. like gemini. like Djed.

if so, what is double? besides A, II, B ? and why twins?
Castor, Pollox

Castor which is clear to me as 31415 / 318 which would be PI and reverse PI 7/22=.318
controlling the pulling of the OX as in PULL OX
which tells me in pulling OX that the two is missing and i look at CASTOR and see the two. forward and reverse? one on top of the other reciprocals. if you add them you get a 345 answer which was odd to see. 3.45
and through all of this, why do they call it an "irrational" number and when i dont make sense to someone they say "im being irrational"

and i must say - when i KNOW what i say is better or makes better sense, and am still being told i do not make sense - i get a tad upset - and i can either get really mad, or handle this differently and hope that whatever i try will become sensable to the non believers.

getting my idea or point across without everyone freaking out.

ha...sometimes that is pure magic lolol when things work out wonderfully.

and irrational can be applied to groups, individuals, numbers....
so if PI and PHI dont make sense to many it doesnt mean it doesnt work.

but just because something works, that does not mean in the long run it will be beneficial to the others. and then you are back to defining things for others as in what is good and what is bad.

which is freedom - i think.

or something along those Lines.


this is a past tense word "freed" stemming from "free".
so it is implying something was set free. and it is implying "OM".
om was set free.
and after that it is out there. one can let OM remain free, or contain it somehow.

if OM is free does that make it good? "beneficial"?

and why 28 and why TH and why are they twins? and why do they equal 56 which is speech and is ISIS?!?!?!

or is it simply a free-DOM(E)
DO= the act of action and the first and the last of the scale "DO-REMIFA-SOLATI-DO" (this could also say "door of my solitude")
ME= the individual self among many things

and brainstorming gets me:

maphiado do maffia?
APHI=FREE but APHI equals the large F which is 1.618
FR/618, ADD.OM
618+365.IVI (O=365, IVI=M)
618.365.5 (which gives silent E as ME/EM=M)
a phi dom(e)
a phi 1+2+3+4=10 om
a phi x om
phi ax om
phi 9 om
fr 9 om
618 9 28
d makes it already done
so it makes sense that i = ee = 10 = J = 1 = A

and th-d-dj-n come to make some more sense in the past tense sense. they must have some relation to past tense. fourth is the first th and 4th is dth.

past tense? as in past tension?
no more tension it is free.

so is OM past its tension?
and if it is sound that was tense and was freed into light
then what was the sound that was freed to light? OM?

resistance (using two t's much like perimeter doubles up letters)

now i understand why EE is 10 is J is A !

TEN=39 see eye 27 , 12

and how about "tension"?
tens(e)-ion (tense ion)

ten tens sent 10.10

things spin when released from tension.


pi and reverse pi?

tense ion
tense 91514

i think of pi and reverse pi
3.14159 and .318
is the 14159 NOI ION tense? and when freed what happens?


because the number "set" after this is 26 which holds numerical value to GOD and so much more even Z.

1+2+3=6 which is doubled 3
FtenseZ 1+2+3+4+5+6=21
(utensil? lol wierd)

tens-ion hmm it seems that tens-91514(ION) represents the other way/direction and in pi this is reverse so the 318 offers the resistance for tension?
tense in reverse and verse for release or forward pi or something... im working with verse and reverse ... ???!!!???

pull and release? and if you move say one degree per motion it releases a little energy does it not?

this would explain reverse so much better ! to do again... to verse again is going the opposite direction for "re-verse" shown in the opposite direction of 22/7 revealing its reciprocal of 7/22=.318 the tens(e) ION. the act of pulling.
reverse .318
verse 3.14159

before verse can happen again it must reverse 7/22 so that 22/7 can happen. if you let it go do you get phi? that little pulse of energy released?

perhaps i am just being irrational.
wrapping head around all of this is quite a thing. to say the least.


the honey stirring stick thing looks like a djet. why?

cre8ting said...

it is not possible to wrap your head around "it." that's exactly what's preventing us from getting "it." it just is. try journaling to get your subconscious knowingness flowing...

Anonymous said...

sometimes posting them here is better



Anonymous said...

It's not just 777, but all triples from 111 to 999 have significance. All based on 37.

I did read elsewhere that the Spelling Kabbalah, itself, alluded to diversion.

That is some mental gaming just above!

But it was funny to see confirmation to a joke I made in an earlier article about the inner Tree. All combined, it looked roughly like, OTO.

Sounds like Pi is crux...and the rest is up to the individual to game which ever way. Like the next comment said, it just is.

Yet I still think something vast is being left out. Could be based on the Torus.