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Thursday, May 29, 2008

The WORD as a Function of Speculative Masonry

Abraham Lincoln stated in his famed "Gettysburg Address",

"Four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth upon this continent a new nation: conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal...that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom. . . and that government of the people. . .by the people. . .for the people. . . shall not perish from the earth."

And as our English speaking lands find themselves engaged in perpetual wars by forces opposed to any semblance of "the Truth", perhaps it become appropriate to allocate some time to expressing how the foundations of truth were set down so that you may begin to ascertain who these truths can be recognized, and in the process, spot those Occult forces who are engaged in the Great Lie whose only purpose is to destroy and spread misery across the face the Earth.

Through a study of and a rational comprehension of the fundamentals of Speculative, or Esoteric Freemasonry, one can come to a recognition of "truth" and in the process, cease to be deceived by they who base their entire existence on the perpetuation of lies.

The War for the Human Mind

Make no mistake. Humanity is, has been, and at least for the foreseeable future, will be, at war. This war, however, aside from the physical conflicts that snare so many people (to include our seemingly advanced Western civilization), is being waged, too, on an Occult level.

The ability of a ruling elite to perpetually wage this war is accomplished through the proliferation of beliefs brought about chiefly through religions, false academics and histories, and the irrational and often cruel judicial systems that impose these realities. The human race has been caste into a sea of delusion, not much more advanced in many ways than that of the Medieval purges.

Thus the human race, drowned as it is, exists in a state of delusion. In this case, the words DELUGE and DELUSION share designed philosophical links.

In the Ancient, Accepted and Esoteric Freemasons, there is a pre-candidate ritual called "The Candidate's Ritual". In this ritual, the Senior Deacon turns to the Candidate and says,

My station is in the west emblematic of the World of Water of which you will learn much as you pass through the Masonic degrees. Esoterically I represent your Soul aspiring for enlightenment and seeking communion with the Grand Architect of the Universe. My esoteric duty is to teach you how to achieve the second alchemical marriage by continuing to improve yourself through Masonry.

Thus, drowned as you are, your first chance to learn to rise above the waves is to attend a "school", wherein the "school" is equated to fish that swim in the sea.

The improvement of oneself is akin to raising oneself up above the waters of delusion, and in the process, come into ones own and be given the chance to "bask" in the Sun. This "basking in the Sun" is akin to a communion with "the Grand Architect", the Grand Arch or Royal Arch, being the arc traced in the sky over time as the Sun precesses through the equinoxes.

This is the Olympic torch that stands as a testament to the human spirit, caste as it is in birth under the waters. This is the "baptism", or immersion into the water and rising again above in a "communion with Christ". This is the tale of the Salmon, born in the clear waters who swims into the salty sea of Typhon, and returning one day to the ever clear waters of its birth and fulfills its purpose. This is the fin linked to the ark (shark) that too rises above the waves.

The fin, fused as it is to Nature, is the clue, FINISH is the code, understanding the code the rising above the waves.

The Word as the Operative Element of "Truth"

Albert Mackay writes in "The Symbolism of Freemasonry",

The mythical history of Freemasonry informs us that there once existed a WORD of surpassing value, and claiming a profound veneration; that this Word was known to but few; that it was at length lost; and that a temporary substitute for it was adopted. But as the very philosophy of Masonry teaches us that there can be no death without a resurrection,--no decay without a subsequent restoration,--on the same principle it follows that the loss of the Word must suppose its eventual recovery.

He would later add, "The search for the Word--to find divine Truth--this, and this only, is a mason's work, and the WORD is his reward."

However, Mackay is writing from a laymen's perspective, giving nothing, inviting as it were, initiates into the Mysteries (Masonry) to partake in the journey. "Thus to learn Masonry is to know our work and to do it well. What true mason would shrink from the task?"

Underneath the mystical veneer, of course, was the reality that "the Word" was not only recoverable, but had adequately and with precision, been recovered and was busily being implemented into the developing language. Rather overt hints of this may be found in the writings of Blavatsky, wherein she states in "The Secret Doctrine",

But this last ratio is but a modified form of light or 20612 to 6561, as a '[[pi]]' value, being only a variation of the same (that is 20612 to 6561 is 31415 to one, or Alhim or God) -- and in such a manner that one can be made

[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* See "Source of Measures," pp. 276, et seq. App. VII.
[[Vol. 2, Page]] 39 THE NUMBERS OF CREATION.

to flow into and be derived from the other, and these are the three steps by which the Unity and sameness can be shown of the divine names. That is, the two are but variations of the same ratio, viz., that of '[[pi]].' The object of this comment is to show the same measuring use for the Cabbalah as was employed in the three Covenants of the Bible, and in the symbols of Masonry, as just noticed."

Higgins, writing in "Hermetic Masonry: The Beginning of Masonry",

"It is completely in accord with the ancient philosophy, which, in apostrophizing the Deity as the "Pi proportion," meant what later, in Isaiah, is called "The living Elohim, "-The Pi proportion, endowed with omnipotent self-exertion in the ordering of inchoate matter ; in other words, a LOGOS active in Cosmos. The Pi proportion is something that is never absent, in one form or other, from every one of the world's primitive religions, and certainly enters deeply and radically into the philosophies that have given rise to what we in these days call "Masonry ."

The Pi Proportion, Pi itself, is the Word that was and remains to be recovered and understood, and for which a rational foundation of "truth" was caste and established.

Euclid's 47th Proposition

This diagram is a classic example of a "complex symbol" that incorporates multiple philosophical realities. The design of the Square and Compass, incorporating as it does the raised torch of reason (Olympic Torch) is encoding Pythagoras 47 Proposition. At the same time, Abraham Lincoln was preserving in his address the same said "eternal truth", for in the Gettysburg Address the time was given as "4 score and 7 years ago).

Thus the "truth", fused as it is to words, becomes operative within "the Word", the word being Pi, and Pi being simplified or reduced to the "Golden Triangle of Pythagoras", or the 3-4-5 Triangle.

WORDS serve as operative force to encode or come to understand "the WORD", as revealed further in Blavatsky's "The Secret Doctrine",

"It teaches the /Alhim-ness /(31415)/ /and One-ness (the diameter to Alhim) through Words (*DBRIM,* 41224), by which on the one side there is infinite expression in heterogeneous creations, and on the other a final harmonic tendency to /One-ness/" (which as everyone knows is the mathematical function of "[[/pi/]]" of the schools, which measures, and weighs and numbers the stars of heaven, and yet resolves them back into the final Oneness of the Universe through Words)."

As one comes to understand and "know thyself" the principles being secreted in full view in the Illuminatus Observor, the ability to utilize the core fundamentals of Speculative Masonry to ascertain "the Truth" becomes easier, and truth becomes far more "self evident".

Truth is at first mocked. It is then virulently attacked. It will, always, eventually become self evident.

What Abraham Lincoln seemed to be saying was "let us not allow the sacrifices which brought about the Philosophy of Pi to disappear from the face of the Earth."

The concepts contained in this article will be expounded upon in future efforts.

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