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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"The Fetch" - Red Ice Radio and Occult of Personality New Year Blast!

It is great to announce the release of two highly informative interviews with "The Fetch" on Red Ice Radio and Occult of Personality. It is such a great honor and tribute to have each of these interviews being released on the same day to start the 2011 season for these two banner websites.

Occult of Personality - Piercing behind the Veil

Occult of Personality is produced by "Greg Kaminsky" and is dedicated to exploring Western Esoteric Traditions. Occult of Personality is also a great repository of information regarding these same said traditions.

The shows are listener sponsored (donations are always appreciated) and are two tiered - free content followed by listener supported subscription content.

This is a great show and interview. It actually took over a year to get together, primarily due to scheduling conflicts between our two schedules. The recording took place in October 2010 when the Illuminatus Observor had yet to reach 200,000 visitors.

Thanks to all the support - we will reach 250,000 visitors this week.

In this interview, we get a good little historical background relative to the development of the Isisian Codes. The show moves really fast and is very entertaining. Greg's questions were poignant and thoughtful and does well to take into consideration various levels of understanding of the craft of Qaballa.

I like the interview...and am sure you will too.

Do visit Greg at Occult of Personality

Red Ice Radio - We Present. You Decide.

What more need we say about Red Ice Creations?

Henrik Palmgren and his team have put together one of the more successful and innovative websites covering alternative media topics.

Red Ice Radio is one of the better produced audio podcasts available today and is rewarded with a wide range of feeds across many markets across the globe, such feeds to include radio exposure.

To work with Henrik was a lot of fun and the enthusiasm shows through in this interview (I sometimes didn't let Henrik speak enough), but as always, Henrik was well prepared. You will find some dyslexic mistakes in the show, but if you are familiar with the Illuminatus Observor, you might see how 1's are 9's and 9's are 1's and how the thought is on a 9 while the 1 is verbalized.

It was clear that Henrik and I were very similar in our approach and understanding.

This interview is really worth the time, and a subscription for added content is always welcome.

Do visit Red Ice Creations to let Henrik and his team know how much you appreciate this show...as it is a tribute and recognition of all your support and efforts equally.

A Great Way to Start 2011!!!

The Illuminatus Observor is the definitive source for revealing the underlying mathematical philosophy of the Illuminatus. 2011 promises additional cutting edge Hermetic Qaballa knowledge and information and 2011 will see additional insights and media employed to bring you exceptional Occult knowledge that has become a hallmark of the Illuminatus Observor.


Lysarbejder said...

I heard this interview through the Red Ice Creations website (to which I subscribe), and just finished listening to the first hour-- finding it fascinating and completely refreshing, as well as educational. I then bookmarked the Iluminatus Observor website for further study. Thank you to Dennis & Henrik for an illuminating interview!

Anonymous said...

Great interviews, Dennis. I have been getting a bunch of traffic from your site the past few days. Congratulations on your big exposure!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Congrats on 2 great shows there!

(Too bad though that you have to be a 'subscriber' to listen to the Part 2's...)

You're getting some great traction...!

: )

Dennis Fetcho said...

Yeah - thanks TD - the interest has been phenomenal which just means that the kick has to be followed up with some really good material - and soon.

Red Ice has a really strong platform and I know Greg at Occult of Personality does a very good job.

These interviews I really enjoyed - best I have done so far -

Looking forward to booking more radio/interviews and following up with a video series on the "Art of Qaballa".

Anonymous said...

The Red Ice interview is amazing!
Thank you for your years of work Fletch. The restoration of knowledge is the key.

Dave said...

I had been unaware of your site. I downloaded your interview from Occult of Personality and listened to it while I was at the gym tonight. It was very enlightening. I’m happy it introduced me to your site. I enjoy being introduced to something new.

Anonymous said...


I have just come across your interview on Red Ice by chance, and was quite impressed with your unique knowledge. I tend to agree with much of your more abstract philosophies too.

I have not looked through your site yet. The number 11:11 has been driving me crazy for the last couple of years - everywhere I look I see it, so I might start there

Thanks - all the best to you