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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cymatics and the Metaphysics of English

"The organization or method of transmission he (Bacon) established was such as to ensure that never again so long as the world endured, should the lamp of tradition, the light of truth, be darkened or extinguished" - "Francis Bacon and His Secret Societies", Mrs. Henry Pott, 1891

Let us dig deeper into the Metaphysics of English.

There are hinges that keep the entire Illuminatus system together. "Say what? Hinges?" Yes. Hinges. How they are so requires a comprehensive understanding of the philosophical underpinnings of the language and its construction.

This article will provide additional source and supporting information to assist you to comprehend just what is behind this philosophical construction.

An Esoteric Construction to the Alphabet

We may state unequivocally that there is an esoteric construction to the Alphabet, but the proof, at best, will always be left to conjecture - at least as such pertains to the unknowing masses. However, through a rational analysis of the Alphabet, we may surmise that there is a clear rational and logical design to the structure and layout of the Alphabet.

Seeing how this rational and logical structure is commonly relegated to happenstance and chance within mass market opinions and perceptions, the very fact that a rational and logical structure, fused further to a philosophical reality, would by default intimate that the structure and design of the Alphabet remains a guarded or lost esoteric reality.

For instance. Consider the following:

The Alphabet is comprised of 26 digits.

If we divide the Alphabet in half, we separate the digits at the letters 13 and 14. This is Pi. By pairing the Letters into their respective symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes, we find that the asymmetrical pairings are set into a precise set of digits -

JKL = 3 digit pairing
N = 1 digit pairing
PQRS = 4 digit pairing
Z = 1 digit pairing
BCDEFG = 6 digit pairing

The digit pairings reveal 3.1416, which is again, Pi.

Consider further. The Alphabet has a clear rational shift at the Letter Q. By placing Q back at position 1, the B and R, C and S, D and T, E and U, F and V, and so forth.

This shift occurs at digits 17 (Q). "Z" seemingly vanishes, but is in truth "everywhere".

The Sum of 1:17 (Q) is 153
The Sum of 1:26 (Z) is 351

The shift occurs at a point where there is a "palindrome", or one number (Q) reverses itself as Q = 153 = 351 = Z.

There are 9 "alpha digits", or the letters Q through Y. When utilized in a "sephera fashion", we may add these nine digits to the 351 of Z to arrive at 360 degrees of circle.

We are back at Pi.

We may add then the vowels as another form of sephera calculation and arrive at 365 days in a year. Again. We simply arrive at "Pi Proportion" value. And since "Y" is "sometimes a vowel", we add the value of "Y" as "1" "sometimes to arrive at a "Leap Year", or 366 days - another Pi Proportion value.

Historical Hints of an Esoteric Construction

The "theory" that English was an "esoteric construction" reached its peak in the early third of the 20th century. The release of "Hermetic Masonry" by Frank Higgins essentially gave away "the great secret", that English was a construction based on Pi.

In the preface to "The Beginning of Masonry", Higgins quotes Victor Hugo's chapter entitled "This will destroy that" from "The Notre Dame of Paris".

"...finally, that the human race has never conceived an important thought that it has not written down in stone. And why? Because every thought, whether religious or philosophic, is anxious to be perpetuated ; because the idea that has stirred one generation longs to stir others, and to leave some lasting trace.

But how precarious is the immortality of the manuscript! How far more solid, enduring, and resisting a book is the edifice! To destroy the written word there is need only of a torch and a Turk. To the constructed word there is need of a social revolution, a terrestrial upheaval. The barbarians swept over the Coliseum ; the deluge, perhaps, over the Pyramid.

In the 15th century all is changed . Human thought discovers a means of perpetuating itself, not only more durable and more resisting than architecture, but also simpler and more easy of achievement Architecture is dethroned, the stone letters of Orpheus must give way to Gutenberg's letters of lead.

Occult reality embed into fiction.

There are two traditions - the Oral and the Written. The written traditions, including the use of books to preserve knowledge, can easily be destroyed through the torch fueled by crafted ignorance. However, the "constructed Word" is far more difficult to destroy, and one should not presume that the "constructed Word" is that of architecture.

"Human thought" had derived new means of perpetuating the "mysteries" and "the Word": since books could be destroyed, the overt use of words to describe the prevailing philosophical truth was as enduring as the whims of those whose care books were entrusted, and time had proven time and again that the burning of books was a favored tactic to regress human thought and development by Setianist force.

What would be needed to destroy "the Word" would indeed be a social revolution or cosmic upheaval. The "Word", an embodiment of "Truth" as defined by many with Freemasonry, was really a philosophy based on the relationship of the circle to its diameter. This philosophy, based as it is on symbols and allegory, would be spread via enshrinement into the Alphabet and spread to the four corners via the Spoken Word through myths, art, culture, wars, media, and more.

The Alphabet, the "lead letters of Gutenburg", would survive. Whether the Letters would be used to create realities real or imagined mattered not. The core truth remained "The Alphabet". The Alphabet, and with it the "vocabulary" upon which the language was crafted, held then and still contains an embedded philosophy, a "Construct" that, once penetrated, reveals that they who crafted the language surely "knew" in the purest philosophical sense.

The metaphysics of English has arrived.

An Esoteric Analysis of the Letters

Years ago I read an obscure Masonic document laced together using Gematria. To paraphrase, as I no longer have access to the text, the author argued that the Letters were a form of medium, that the Letters spoke and revealed insights, that Letters and Words contained mystic co-relations that, once comprehended, became the constituent components of a simple and yet beautiful philosophy that revealed "truth".

As most documents that deal in such esoteric constructions, just what was this "truth" was never revealed. Presumptions on behalf of the authors that their truth and ideas were a defacto truth were taken at writ.

To prove their point, the entire philosophical concept was elucidated using a technique known as "gematria". In Gematria, a very general held belief is that words of similar number added together must, by virtue of their having the same numerical value, be linked in some form or fashion in an esoteric way. Those not familiar with the metaphysical science of crafting ciphers in language often hold up such ideas that "God" or "G-d" must be involved, with the oft inscribed belief that only some supra sentient (God) being could possible have crafted the woven intricately linked words and phrases.

You can find evidence of such beliefs in works sprinkled across Jewish and Christian beliefs, with the concept applied to both English and Hebrew in liberal beatifications.

English, however, is far more subtle and ingenious.

The abrupt assumption that a direct letter for letter addition, be it a form of skip code as NAEQ-11 (EQ-11) or other forms of numbering leaves the genius of English safely hidden. This reality is something that has been argued with the proponents of these other systems to no avail.

The reality is that the totality of the language remains a testament of the philosophy unto itself. What is in play is a "SPEECH RELIGION", or a code of "ISIS" wed to OSIRIS.

ISIS = 9+19+9+19 = 56 = 19+16+5+5+3+8 = SPEECH
OSIRIS = 15+19+9+18+9+19 = 89 = 18+5+12+9+7+9+15+14 = RELIGION

Simple "gematria" may be used to "prove" such a concept. Freemasonic work such as "The Ancient Cipher" from the mid 1920's essentially make the exact argument, but the metaphysics of English remained still blissfully hidden.

In order to penetrate the hidden (occult) nature of the language, one must make a rational, measured, study into the language. One must understand how any given set of concepts was developed and how later forms or versions of the constructed sequences were morphed or built from the previous idea or concept.

One of these rational and measured insights into the language is that of the AUM Triglyph (see the article "The Masonic Word and the AUM TriGlyph").

In an article entitled "AUM" written in 1886, we find the following:

Now we may consider that there is pervading the whole universe a single homogeneous resonance, sound, or tone which acts, so to speak, as the awakener or vivifying power, stirring all the molecules into action. This is what is represented in all languages by the vowel a, which takes precedence of all others. This is the word, the verbum, the Logos of St. John of the Christians, who says: "In the beginning was the Word, and the word was with God, and the word was God."3 This is creation, for without this resonance or motion among the quiescent particles, there would be no visible universe. That is to say, upon sound, or, as the Aryans called it, Nada Brahma (divine resonance), depends the evolution of the visible from the invisible.

But this sound a, being produced, at once alters itself into au, so that the second sound u is that one made by the first in continuing its existence. The vowel u, which in itself is a compound one, therefore represents preservation. And the idea of preservation is contained also in creation, or evolution, for there could not be anything to preserve, unless it had first come into existence.

If these two sounds, so compounded into one, were to proceed indefinitely, there would be of course no destruction of them. But it is not possible to continue the utterance further than the breath, and whether the lips are compressed or the tongue pressed against the roof of the mouth, or the organs behind that used, there will be in the finishing of the utterance the closure or m sound, which among the Aryans had the meaning of stoppage. In this last letter there is found the destruction of the whole word or letter. To reproduce it a slight experiment will show that by no possibility can it be begun with m, but that au invariably commences even the utterance of m itself. Without fear of successful contradiction, it can be asserted that all speech begins with au, and the ending, or destruction of speech, is in m.

Few stop to rationally think through what they are reading.

An article entitled "AUM!" would simply not surface unless there was an underlying current or body of activity upon which the idea for the article would manifest. People don't just write articles of such a nature without some form of esoteric thought and support underlying the inspiration.

What the article reveals is that there had to have been a reasonably active and quite developed body of souls making esoteric inquiries into the language. Science, in the form of "Cymatics", would arrive later to bear out what the esoteric inquirers into the language seemed to be saying.

Cymatics and AUM

At the core of the article entitled "AUM" was thus: that the material Universe manifests on resonance or harmonics, that the initial resonance is codified into language (all languages) as the verb "A", and that this verb, as the introductory letter to the Alphabet, is the first in the representative 7 tones, the 8th tone being but a return upon itself as in "do re mi fa sol la ti do".

While legions of souls would immerse themselves in Hebrew metaphysics (the Meru project, for instance), a form of science called "Cymatics" would, without cause or celebre, validate what the early esoteric inquirers into the English language were openly saying in regards to the idea of AUM.

Cymatics holds, essentially, the same underlying philosophical pretenses as the earlier inquirers into the English language were saying, that the known Universe is a complex web of vibrations.

Alexander Lauterwasser writes in "The Creative Music of the Universe",

"At the physical level the intricacies, beauty and interrelationships of what could be called ‘the super-conscious designs of the universe’ are gradually being revealed. From this perspective there is no essential difference between the structure of an atom, a galaxy, a chakra, a crop circle or even the Sufi whirling dervish ceremony. It is only a matter of scale and perception – ‘as above, so below’. Within these phenomena lies something, some process perhaps, that suggests this super-conscious design with its fundamental, archetypal patterns and displays of unity."

It is the Occult idea that the Letters represent fundamental archetypes, fused as they are to a grand Universal philosophy, that inspired this grand experiment of fusing comprehensive truths to a larger philosophical reality which would become known as "the Truth".

Our Letters begin with the Letter A. The sound of the vowel "A" when viewed through the tools available through Cymbatics reveals that the A is a form of rounded hexagon with a round "hole" or "dot" in the center. This observable reality gives rise to inquiries as to the shape of the cube and the use of the cube as a power archetype within Occult fabrication. After all: the Star of David of the Jews, the Cross of the Christians, and the Cube (Ka'aba) of Islam are all fabricated upon the letter A.

The The Letter A is fused in a mathematical matrix based on phonetics, with an alphabetical shift at Q. The Q, being representative of the fertilized egg, symbolizes a first descent into matter, or the world of form, which is a product of vibration and harmonics. The letter Q is always accompanied with the letter U, and thus U could be said to also be placed cryptically at position number 1, which is A and U the same.

We now have created the first two letters of the AUM TriGlyph. Yet A is Osiris is the Eye of Providence, while AU is the first two letters to the name provided to ISIS, whose name is known as AU-SET. Yet again, ISIS is SPEECH, and AU is the key letters to the word for sound. This word is AU-DIO, wherein DIO hints of "God", which would make AU-DIO the "God of Sound", which is AU, which is the emanation of the Letter A in sound, whose vibration pattern is as that of a cube.

And so the wheel spins upon a metaphysical construction which, perhaps, we could aptly name - The Metaphysics of English.


Anonymous said...

i thought osiris connected the 'eye'
also, as o's iris. The point within the circle and 360 perspective. They don't like to be apart either as it can be 'isis or' osiris. Throw in the star sirios (without you) and its hard to believe this is accidental

Timberwolf said...

I too found cymatics to be very interesting. On my sites, I have put together some articles that might interest you. Drop by Cymatics-Sacred Geometry-DNA and Crop Circles and 2012.

Let me know what you think.


Ben said...

highly appreciated denis.

Scott Kramer said...

I strongly encourage all visitors to check out:
English language encryptions are built into the Hebrew alphabet.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Try finding cymatic patterns for, at least, the vowels. The fact I'm still looking is significant. Don't forget OM, why both? Ages ago, I read that in actual intonation, the former works best (for subjective effect).

The A to U, phonetically, seems to include E and I - because intoning the U, alone anyway, we hear eee(i)yooo... Also U is used in words like through, trough, under, used etc... also you or the other; the reflection.

Then M ends with silence. Compare M's other motifs with Mary/Mater...matter, the "end of the line." So one might wonder about Mars. Mommy, material and maritime are clear. But martial forces? Then we've man, middle and measure...... In light of M in the middle, maybe it's AUMUA(M) and cycles ad infinitum.