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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Esoteric Codes in the Alphabet

Let us turn our attention to a demonstration of esoteric codes in the Alphabet.

The idea of esoteric codes in the Alphabet was openly secreted by Aleister Crowley when he wrote his Setianist document "Book of the Law",

"Thou shalt obtain the order+value of the English Alphabet; thou shalt find new symbols to attribute them unto."

From these words, located as they were in the very cryptic code of "Chapter 1, 55", a cipher for AJ (leaving off the K, yet while presuming same, perhaps) has resulted in legions of souls seeking out a "new order and value" for English, and yet all the while, the hint of "finding new symbols to attribute to them" is often simply left on the sidelines.

However, a comprehensive study into these matters shows that there is not, nor has there ever been, a singular methodology. Consequently, the reliance on singular methodologies, be they NA-EQ11, Etterian English Qabalah, among so many others, may provide you with some insight into the Construct, that singular systems by their very nature trend to being discretionary, will often fail to solve for the larger philosophical riddle of what we call "the Construct".

Numbers as Channeling Mediums

Many many years ago I was riding the subway in Los Angeles when a young guy walked up to me and said, "Excuse me. I am not sure if you remember me, but I heard you speak once at a hotel. You are the guy that speaks about codes in the language, right? You are called "the Fetch", right?"

I was a bit taken back, but of course, answered in the affirmative.

He went on to tell me how fascinated he was with my work and that this was reinforced by the recent death of his grandmother. In his words, the last words from his grandmothers lips was "3, 6, 9! 3, 6, 9!" He then queried, "What do you think this means?"

The story hints at a larger reality.

Numbers act as very powerful channeling mediums and may, in some cases, open dark caverns into the psyche. At the end of the day, reality, as demonstrated by virtual reality, may be broken down into a series of 0's and 1's.

Hence what we find is that as individuals immerse themselves into any variety of "Qaballa" systems, the natural properties of numbers and letters as channeling properties results in an enhancement of one's beliefs in their system of number channeling.

However, we should caution that the primary purpose is to come to an understanding of "the gods" as hinted at by Plutarch, and in so doing, as we apply logic and reason, we are able to come to an understanding of what is termed "reality", even if such reality is rooted wholly in Occult principals.

The "gods" are the Letters of the Alphabet. The God is the Alphabet.

The whole is based on a system of letters/numbers/sounds fused as one.

Esoteric Codes in the Alphabet

To those of you who are regular readers of the Illuminatus Observor, what you might have begun to realize is that you participate in a grand experiment - a hitherto never been publicly disclosed Occult discourse on the Letters.

Alvin Boyd Kuhn wrote in his work "The Esoteric Structure of the Alphabet"

"Now, perhaps strangest of all the channels through which it (wisdom traditions) was given expression, comes the momentous revelation that the sagacious genius had even insinuated a form of its basic outline into the very structure of that ground-base of all literature - the alphabet. The announcement and elucidation of its presence in this, the fundamental semantic code for the transmission of human thought, should rank as the epochal event of world culture."

Inherent truths were encoded into the Alphabet precisely to give expression to the larger mystery and wisdom traditions, themselves a protest to the patriarchal genocides of the Edomitish intelligentsia.

That esoteric codes exist within the Alphabet remains still one of the best guarded realities. Yet the Alphabet, designed as a reflection of "cosmic truth", where Letters are fused to Numbers and Sounds, and further infused with archetypal imagery, truly provides us with a system through which we may attain a glimpse of that euphemistic light known as "truth".

1's are Male.
0's are Female.
X is the Union of Female (V) and Male (inverted V), and so we present a very simple truth.

1+0=X = TRUE

The answer is not "1", for then one has assigned arbitrary values for both the 1 and 0. The esoteric code in the Alphabet is unerring.

1 = I = 9
0 = O = 15
X = 24

I+O=X = 9+15=24

This "esoteric code" is "true".


O is the Feminine
P is the Masculine
Q is the Fertilized Egg.

Imagine the genius pun in the face of Occult force bent on destroying life having to deal with a blind mass that gives thanks to Q, or the fertilized egg as the found of all life, billions upon billions of times a day?

Who won the Occult War?

It is merely the effort to awake the masses.


Dennis/87 said...

Hey Dennis ,Chris Knowles at the Secret Sun had some syncro's concerning Owls. I noticed your owl url on the side of this page. Would you mind if I placed your owl article in a post to the Secret Sun? Or can you? Thanks much, I do appreciate your Gnosis. Dennis.

Dennis Fetcho said...

Hi Dennis -

Chris is a standout and I am always appreciative of links to his site. You clearly get what the Illuminatus Observor is all about and I certainly appreciate your efforts to spread "the Word".

You have my open invitation to utilize my work anywhere you deem appropriate -

Just don't forget the trackback link! :P

Unknown said...

Well I'm assuming you've been reading all my comments simply due to playing the role of mod. My exasperation comes through here and there.

But just last night I had what was for me a novel thought; that our letters' "template" might have been the tetrahedron inside a sphere.

Of course Tenen and Winter have been going on about this for years. But nothing was mentioned per se about a tetrahedron Inside a Sphere....

And lo and behold I come back to the very next blog entry to see a pic of this very idea. I get this a lot.

So I've got some experimenting to do. I've got Bryce3D and if you wanted to animate something maybe you could email me. I've been doing stuff with Dee's Enochian letters as mentioned elsewhere.

I'm still hoping to find some kind of "primer"...besides Pi. Pi makes utter sense but I'm still thinking something else is missing.

I think it's like a G.U.T - it could involve DNA and everything in between. As with the Tree, with it 3 pillars, there is a vector line, a curving spiral and a mediator which makes the Helix.

All the above must be connected.

And I too was passed by a pickup with one conspicuous sticker as "369".

I was thinking of joining the TOS years ago. Was in Fortune's TOL for a while and another Golden Dawn offshoot. Spoon feeding to nowhere.

Anonymous said...

What is the oldest source in history showing the concept of occult codes? How far back does this go, and what evidence do you have?