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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Illuminatus Observor Completes First Full Month

August, 2007, proved to the the first full month of availability of The Illuminatus Observor, a blog dedicated to revealing the esoteric formulas contained within the Alphabet and by inference, English esoteric traditions. The response, in general, has been pleasantly surprising, and I would like to personally thank all of you who come to visit, read, and hopefully, take something of value as we all move to seeking a comprehensive understanding of the forces seeking to destroy all of our freedoms and liberties as they seek to inject their particular brand of dogmatic ignorance onto the totality of humanity.

Of course, in this, we are speaking clear about the Noahidist and Martinist Occult sects who have worked indefatigably to bring about a world where their philosophics of totalitarianism and barbarianism becomes the norm of the day.

Our Western Construct contains within it enormous beauty and grace and remains a driving force for good in this world. What has been lacking is a concious understanding of the philosophics contained within. Ours is truly a "universal" concept, and our language remains the power force in this world.

It is up to all of us to work to preserve the good that so many of the worlds peoples saw and still see in our Western ways. We must turn back that which has like a parasite come to dominate our political lifeblood and with it, the direction of the nation both internally and externally.

We have nothing to gain following a pattern as set for us by those who rule by appointment and steal our elections and make a mockery of all that we hold traditionally dear to our ideals.

This blog is but a small contribution to knowledge of the human experiment. It is but a small window into our Western Construct, but hopefully, those of you who have come and come often, are beginning to get a glimpse of just what is at stake.

Our formula can be summed up in the following invokation.

Thank Q

All those ancient orders centered around "bees" and "hives" and "Mary Magdalenes" "rosy crosses", etc., held within them seeds of the Sacred Feminine. Dan Brown did a very admirable job alluding to this in his work "The Da Vinci Code".She welcomes so many that came to America when people gaze up at the Statue of Liberty. Isis survives and remains a beacon for all still, regardless of thousands of years of ruthless destruction and willful fabrication of histories.

The Alphabet is clear. It has a maintains a precise order and set of values. Those who reorder it simply destroy it. ...MNOPQRS...


O = The Feminine
P = The Masculine
Q = The Fertilised Egg

That from which all life comes. It is really an ingenious formula. In a religious world that vilifies or otherwise hides the feminine, what more practical way to elevate it but to place it into a phrase that is the most used phrase the world over.

Thank Q.

Over a decade of work on this larger body of work has taught me that there are skeptics and naysayers at nearly every turn. Sometimes, you just have to shrugg. The clues are everywhere, if one is just willing to become educated and learn to open one's eyes. This craft is ultimately for the thinking, the questing.

For instance, the female sex organs as shown here appear earily imbedded equally into the upper portion of the pillars as shown in this old rendition of the heirophant of the tarot cards. Never mind the X as a key in the middle, or the Letter Y on the priests robes, or the Letter V of the card itself. All clues to the knowing, and just nice pictures to they who know not.


The Illuminatus Observor will bring these keys into the light in a manner and form that has never been attempted prior in the annals of history. A lofty statement - but a literal truth. Your continued support and readership is appreciated and acknowledged. I have received some great questions, and I owe many of you answers. In particular, "Bodo", who has asked some very insightful questions and requested some valuable tools, which I promise is forthcoming.

End Month 1 Status

Illuminatus Observor is using Statcounter as its back end monitoring software. Illuminatus Observor received 992 unique visitors with 157 of those returning. There are currently over 70 individuals returning more than once. Illuminatus Observor has been "stumbled upon" from two sources and you can find a very interesting aggregation of data at "bhang.stumbleupon.com"

FloydAnderson.com links to Illuminatus Observor

I would like to thank the staff at Floyd Anderson.com for linking to Illuminatus Observor. I have reviewed the site and it contains a strong list of power houses sites in the alternative news/conspiracy genre, including "the Black Vault', a repository of National Security document releases.

To anyone interested in additional supporting information of this work, I highly recommend that you give some clicks through to Floyd Anderson.com

Key Contributing Sites

The following sites contributed the largest number of referral links in order of volume:

1) Liberty Forum.org
2) Chemtrailcentral.com
3) Stumble Upon.com
4) Above Top Secret.com
5) Floyd Anderson.com

Most Popular Articles

Of the 25 articles available, the longest running in popularity is "The Alphabet as a Hyper-dimensional Representation of Pi", an article written in July that appears on many Google search links. Other articles that proved to be very well read were 322, Skull and Bones and the VW and "Corporate Logos as Occult Symbols, Part I", and "All Seeing Eye, Gimmel, and Camel Cigarettes"

If you have not seen them, check them out. The archives contains all current listed articles.

Thanks to everyone who has helped in virally spreading this site across the web and I look forward to growing this the Isisian Codes franchise and providing some of the most advanced esoteric codes and formulas available anywhere through an acute de-storying of the Occult as only a "master of the craft" can do.


Anonymous said...

Just want to thank you for your passing down / sharing of the knowledge you have. I understand why some would rather have a book but the lessons of patience and education during articles, outweighs the need to have everything all at once. I'm still impressed you have not asked us to buy a book or membership. I don't feel pushed at all. I really appreciate that. Thank you for your time in all of this.


Anonymous said...

Here's what I don't get. As With Golden Dawn grade material... The whole game appears to be the encoding - in an astounding multitude of variations - the primal male female dichotomy.
Ok already. Once you get the point, it's akin to saying, "When the sun comes up, it is daytime" a hundred times over.