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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Towards a Comprehensive English Qaballa, Part I

I have studied the world of Qaballa in all its varied spellings for nearly 2 decades. I will be the first to admit that the space is filled with alot of religious lunatics. From Ginsberg and his Noahidist crypto-Jewish fascism, to Crowley and his tortured attempts to fit square pegs into round holes, I have seen it all.

To begin, it is necessary for the aware seeker, and "seer", to be acutely aware that there are two "Qaballas" in play: the profane Rabbinical "kabballah", a system predicated on the "cube" and an "underworld" component, and a secret and sealed "Hermetic" Qaballa, itself based on "two cubes", or what Crowley of the OTO hinted at but never revealed, "the Star on Star, and system on system".

Furthermore, it is helpful to understand that the Illuminatus System has been refined for literally thousands of years, and before any "book" ever hits "the bookstore", these works are often fused to numerical formulae and confused enough to hide their esoteric significances. This means that quite often, the various religious texts, be it "Torat", or "Qu'ran", or many other tales, have gone through a form of "tincturing", imbedding specific truths so as not to fully destroy "the Truth", but obscuring it quite enough so as to make it undistinquishable to the untrained and unsuspecting eye.

An anonymous author from the Hermetic Arts described this reality as follows:

Let a Lover of truth make use of few authors, but of the best note and experience truth; let him suspect things that are quickly understood, especially in Mystical Names and Secret Operations; for truth lies hid in obscurity; for Philosophers never write more deceitfully - than when plainly, nor ever more truly - than when obscurely. - Source

To begin, perhaps it might serve to understand Occult metanumerics. Taoist Metanumerics teaches that there are 7 metanumerics:

The Point
The Line
The Plane

All creation is contained within this whole. What is beyond "divinity" is of a realm that is not privy to the human creation. These Taoist "metanumerics" are essentually the same thing as was taught by the Pythagoreans, wherein we find the following set against number:

The Point (the dot) is the power of the 1
The Line (the line) is the power of the 2
The Surface (the plane) is the power of the 3
The Solid (time) is the power of the 4

To save time, you can view work from Manley P. Hall, catalogued here: Entry Level Pythagorean Metanumerics

You will find the same basic patterns of thinking in "Rabbinical Kabballah", but essentially, what it will be breaking down to is rendition of a "cube" as it spins on the 6th sepherah called "Tip"eroth. At the end of the day, whether one is seeking after the Rabbinical Tree of Life, the Ka'aba of the Qu'ran, or the "cross" of the Christians, what a person is seeking after is the outer manifestations of the inner esoterics of the cube.

Here we see the cube as it has been unfolded, forming both the "Tau" or the Letter "T", and the "cross" of the Christians.

In this diagram, we can view the upper portion of the Rabbinical "kabballah". Note that what we need to do is turn the cube slightly to the right, and fold it down on a diagonal, to reveal the upper 6 "sepherah" of the Rabbinical "tree", which is really not a "tree" at all, but a revolving "cherub", or cube. Note that the numbers are placed juxtaposed as if it were a cube equally, with 1 being opposite of the 6, and 2 opposite of the 5, and 3 opposite of the 4, hence the source equally of such mesmer spells as "777", and its significance as part of the "slot machine" equally.

What this reveals is this shape. The "Magen" of the "Hebrews" or "Jews". This shape gives way to this as its upper portion or half.

This symbol would give way to this: And of course, this is all "just a game" this "worship of the cube"...

And so you think you understand the power of the Illuminatus as it crafted a system based solely on the cube?

However, the "dreidle" and the "cherub", in which "cherub" thinly veiled the word "cube", held a specific and damning clue:

DREIDLE = 4+18+5+9+4+12+5 = 57 = 3+8+5+18+21+2 = CHERUB

The past 1000 years have been devoted to creating a "Western Mystery System" predicated on the sole worship of the "flaming sword and the "cherub", or the "cube", but as we move towards a "comprehensive English Qaballa", we will be able to move beyond the mesmer of the "flaming sword and Cherub" and return back to the "philosophical Garden of Eden".

This is Towards a Comprehensive English Qaballa, Part II

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Revekon said...

Keep up the good work,sometimes I feel like you will forget more than I will ever know.