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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

"The Fetch" on Red Ice Radio - 10.6.14


In a must hear interview, The Fetch appeared with Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Radio recently. That recording has been released effective October 6, 2014. This is the second appearance for The Fetch on Red Ice Radio, the first being on January 2, 2014.

The show interlaced elements of Qaballa and insights into the current geopolitics.

The Mad “Da’ash” in the Middle East

To start the show, Henrik and I discussed recent upheavals in the Middle East as well as the current political climate on the streets here in the Middle East. There is a general consensus within constituencies in the Middle East that what is called “ISIS” in various Jewish controlled press organs, and is known as Da’ash in Arabic and some European (French) media organs is really a project of Western powers with its leadership in Israel.

We dischssed Jordan and Saudi Arabia, a country whose internal economics is booming as the government in Saudi Arabia seeks to expand economic development and opportunities for its people.

European Nationalism and the Inner Struggle for Russia

We went on to discuss the rise of European Nationalism and especially as it pertains to Russia and Russian Nationalism and how Russia is more akin to Germany in 1933 than the Soviet Union of 1956.

Of particular interest is the ongoing internal struggle for the soul of Russia, a battle being waged between Atlantic Integrationists, a group headed largely by interests inside of Russia that are aligned with Western (Jewish) banking interests and Eurasia Integrationists, a faction that is largely controlled by Russian nationalists.

For more on this issue, see the article regarding Atlantic Integrationist subterfuge in an article penned by “The Saker” and appearing on Inside the Eye – Live! as “Russia’s 5th Column – The Inner Struggle to Control Russia.”

An interesting point in this is that the Eurasian Integrationists are not opposed to further integration with the EU and “the West”, but that the EU and “the West” are seen as being highly unpredictable, unstable, and untrustworthy.

It can be argued that such feelings and realities exist precisely because the West is currently under the yoke of Talmudic ideology, and hence by its very nature cannot be viewed as a reliable global partner.

Noahidism and the New World Order

The “Founding Fathers” of the United States were products of the tail end of the period “Enlightenment” in the West. This period was the period that succeeded the exceedingly dark and destructive efforts of the Vatican to unify Europe under a single “Christian flag”.

Any and all political and religious groups and individuals who refused to be absorbed willingly into the new Vatican order of religious dogmas were ruthlessly dealt with in what would become “the Inquisition”, a period of darkness over Europe that would not experienced again until the Jewish wars on Germany in the early to middle parts of the 20th Century.

Indeed, perhaps the Inquisition period was merely a Jewish constructed reign of terror on Europe hiding under the veneer of a Christian flag.

The lesson was that a people not graced with the practice of religious freedom and a separation of Church and State would always run the risk of increasing to absolute tyranny.

Today, we find ourselves in the West under precisely this evolving dynamic. The concentrated power of Judaism in politics creates the de facto merging of Church and State into a single organic organ.

This concept, a political agenda masquerading as a religious ideal with Jewish society is known as Noahidism, a dangerous blend of Jewish nationalism with tyranny at the base of its foundation.
All this, and more, can be found in this fascinating interview.

You can hear hour one here:

 Hour two is available to subscribers. Subscribe to Red Ice Radio.


PeaceMeal said...

Dennis, Thanks so much for what you've shown me as it's allowed me to see some of the most complete connections. Here's a version of your most important talk, I'm using with some add-ons you might enjoy!


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Free Agent 0007 said...

Hi Dennis,

Have you done any postings regarding Chi (x) Rho (P/R) relationship with the english language? Chi/4 Rho/3...Chi-Rho=7

Dennis Fetcho said...

In regards to Chi Rho - in short, no. Something I should look into though. Thanks for the idea.