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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Under Threats from Jewish Groups, TalkStreamLive Drops Inside the Eye - Live! from Saturday Line-up

TSL Jew Censor Approved

Under threats from Jewish media censors monitoring TalkStreamLive, TalkStreamLive has removed without any notification the popular political talk show, Inside the Eye – Live! with The Fetch, from TalkStreamLive’s Saturday aggregation line-up. Sources note that Jewish groups have been active in monitoring online media sites in an effort to put a total blanket on the information flowing out to the American people and larger global community and that Inside the Eye – Live! was specifically targeted for deletion from TalkStreamLive’s aggregation Saturday morning line-up.

Unseen and Unaccountable Jewish Censors in the Alternative News Media Market

Indeed, there has been a disturbing trend in the alternative streaming news segment. When seen in the light of defacto operating unaccountable Jewish censors, Americans and the world at large are seeing their choices of media programming increasing censored, including completely disappeared from the World Wide Web, in an effort by Jews to preclude any mention of Jewish involvement in the theft of trillions of dollars from the United States economy, Jewish involvement in the poisoning of the food supply, Jewish involvement in the phony “War on Terror”, Jewish involvement in the attack on the United States known as “9-11″, and Jewish media manipulations, to name but a few.

All of the above realities, plus the Jewish involvement in the attempted frame-up of the Syrian government in the use of chemical weapons in the early part of May, 2013, hint at an agenda by global Jewish interests to bring the citizenry of Western civilization powers into another war in the Middle East for the benefit of Jewish geopolitical interests.

And it is precisely this effort to keep reality “under the blanket” and out of sight and earshot that has de-facto Jewish censors working tireless to bully and threaten website owners and aggregators. Traditional American and Western values of free speech are being ground down in favor of an Orwellian Jewish Bolshevik construction.

As Alexsandr Solzhenitsyn so aptly revealed,

We can not state, that all Jews are Bolsheviks. But: Without Jews there would never have been Bolshevism. For a Jew nothing is more insulting than the truth. The blood-maddened Jewish terrorists had murdered sixty-six million victims in Russia from 1918 to 1957!

Jewish Imposed Constructions on Language

Censorship Constructions
The idea of “imposed constructions on language” are not so difficult to comprehend: the manner in which constructions are imposed is through a focused effort to control definitions and word usage. In this area, owing largely to Jewish control of media cultural (film) assets and intelligentsia (higher education), the task of controlling definitions and accepted “word usage” has proven to be markedly easy and effective.



Anonymous said...

There are two 'teams' in the NWO.

The perpetrators of the 'evil Illuminati' myth are the Islamacist Muslims.

The same people who conquered ancient Israel and destroyed the Temple of Solomon,
which was built by Freemasons. A temple destroyed by those who invaded Israel
and took the Hebrews as their slaves.

When the defenders of Jerusalem, including the Knights Templar arrived, Saladin
defeated them at the Battle of Hatinn and ordered their execution. Non Muslims have
been routinely executed by Islamacists ever since.

Modern Muslims are raised to hate Jews, 'freemasons', Templars, crusaders, Christians,
and other alleged agents of "the Illuminati" which 'oppresses' them.

Muslim conspiracy trolls see freemasons as the modern Knights Templar or
'crusaders', the enemy infidel oppressors of Islam, worldwide.

They believe they are the victims of thousands of years of victimisation by the
'evil' NWO of Jews, freemasons, the UN and Christian crusaders.

The Western 'conspiracy industry' media, like Nexus magazine make a fortune from the
professional victimhood of the Muslims as the targets of an ancient war between good
and evil. The Islamic radicals think they are the victims, when, in fact, they are the
perpetrators of the same evil they imagine is being used against them.

The 'evil' Illuminati is a myth perpetrated by modern day Saladins eager to slaughter
the 'enemies of Islam' until there are no Christians, Jews or freemasons left.

Anonymous said...

ThanQ Dennis, Telling the truth and being ignored can send a man Insane, luckily I'm too thick skinned, I hope. Means a lot, Thank you