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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Harley Schlanger, LaRouche PAC and EIR Southwest Bureau Chief

Saturday, November 26, 2011, Inside the Eye - Live! was joined by Harley Schlanger, Southwest Bureau Chief for 15 years for Lyndon LaRouche PAC Executive Intelligence Review Magazine. In what proved to be a lively and informative conversation, it is clear that the Harley Schlanger's views and insights of the American and geopolitical scene are very much in line.

Harley Schlanger has been active in American politics for nearly 40 years (or more) and, as the Southwest Bureau Chief for LaRouche's "Executive Intelligence Report", his research has contributed to such works as The Ugly Truth About the ADL, and Bush: The Unauthorized Biography.

Harley was recently a guest of Alex Jones' "InfoWars", appearing for an hour in August.

He joined me from Vienna, Austria, for a lively second hour of the show discussion. For additional information, be sure to check out LaRouche.Pac or call in the United States, toll free, at 800-929-7566.

You can listen to this really nice interview here:

The Euro - Up in Flames?

Within the financial community, bonds and bond holders hold tremendous power. Bonds represent old money. They represent conservative acceptance of what is long term to mid term short financial growth. When wielded as weapon, bonds and their holders can be used to target and "shake down" entire countries, counties, and cities.

Bonds can also represent natural underlying risks within governance markets, be they corporate or institutional.

Whatever the angle, predatory or natural risk, bond sales to governments across Europe are becoming unsustainably high. There is an end game in play - either the liquidation of the Euro and a break-up of the European Union as it has been originally envisioned, or there is a capitulation by Germany and German influence in its sovereign interests shall become nearly irreversibly lost.

A high game of financial poker is in play, and nothing short of the EU as we know it is at stake.

A break-up of the EU would, of course, benefit the long term democratic underpinnings of Western civilization. For this reason, the EU should go. The EU has become unwieldy and increasingly, insane. A recent mandate that water does not aid in rehydrading the body is a case in point. EU "science" has fallen into a state of irrevocable stupidity bordering on the rantings of a clueless buffoon.

On the other side is the reality that a loss of the Euro as a currency greatly aids in forestalling the collapse of the United States Dollar as a foreign reserve currency for global trade. No longer would there be a competing Euro upon which countries could trade.

One has to wonder if the European debt crisis, as it is sold, was not a larger gambit by American intelligence agencies to create the conditions upon which the Euro could be destroyed, at a great loss of course to American real estate and economic standing, but a victory non-the-least.

Harley and I spend a fair amount of time discussing the EU and the Euro, insights which I am sure you will find informative and entertaining.

President Obama - Impeachment on the Table?

A main contention, and it is hard to counter the arguments, is that President Obama, aside from perhaps being a "userper" (one who is holding office illegally by virtue of his legal status to hold the office not being affirmed), has violated so many laws and rights of Americans that the guy should be impeached. Perhaps jailed.

The war on Libya, the ongoing assassination squads (murder without due process), his claim to have a unilateral right to execute Americans (again without due process), all point to a megalomaniac of immense proportions.

Of course, President Obama is but the head of darker, more hidden, forces.

Harley Schlanger goes into details as to why President Obama should be impeached and calls on American political forces to effect such a move.

Geopolitics and Winds of War

The issue, at the end of the day, is the idea of a "war economy" predicated on the interests of petro-dollars and Israel, two interests that dove tail nicely into un-regulated and monitored private central banking practices.

Central banks, having lost trillions and stolen trillions more, now are major creditors themselves, when all is said and done: they must steal from the people in order to cover for the losses they themselves and no one has incurred.

So we have major pushes to kill off the creditors - the very people whom are the citizens of the planet and for which all money issued is, in effect, the rightful owners.

As people wake from their induced slumber, bought and paid for by central banking fiat dollar interests, clearly anger is deserved and expected. Hence the idea of war to kill off the creditors - or human populations.

This is the greatest danger humanity faces, for indeed there is an empowered elite with this precise belief in play.

President Obama is but an outward extension of this much darker force, a force that came to bald open power with the NeoCon/Mossad/US Synarchic attack on the United States on 9-11.

This recent show is another great bit of entertainment and insights and Harley brings a fascinating bit of external and "insider" observations that are well worth the listen.

Enjoy and catch you Saturdays on the Oracle Broadcasting Network.

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