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Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Fetch - Live on Star Theory with Kyle Hunt!

"The Fetch" will be appearing live on "Star Theory with Kyle Hunt" on Sunday, October 10, 2010.

Show Time: 3:00 PM EST

As Kyle says, join us"...for an exciting discussion, which will cover many topics, such as: the language of illumination, The Isisian Codes, symbol analysis, the use of ciphers, the corruption and degradation of words, and possible futures for language. The Fetch will be revealing various ways in which studying and transmuting words can illuminate the hidden power and energy behind textual and symbolic communication. This show should provide a basic framework with which anyone can look upon language with new eyes, independently coming to incredible realizations."

"Star Theory" is the radio/podcast companion to Kyle's very popular and growing blog "Star Theory", found at Wordpress.com.

"Star Theory with Kyle Hunt" appears on Blog Talk Radio, one of the leading sites for alternative media broadcasting on the World Wide Web.
Guests of
Star Theory include many friends and long time supporters of the Illuminatus Observer, including -
Kyle is tuned into the fluid dynamics of words and so it should prove to be a great show.  Kyle has a low key, relaxed interview style, so I am looking forward to a great show and hope to see you there!

We will be able to take phone calls so hope to hear from some of you!  Numbers are provided on the cover page for "Star Theory".


Anonymous said...


I commend you on your expansion. If I can catch it I will. hopefully there will be some way to hear it past the live date.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming on! I had a great time. I have been uncovering new things daily.

Celestine Mihaela said...

Knowing that everything happents with a reason, here I am... meeting u in this virtual world.
I am Romanian, as u may see in my blog, but yet many ppl of my country have knowledged the experience u had, so that I decided to share this recognition with you.
I put ur blog in my list so i 'll pay attention to every post, from now on.
One thing I wanna mention, our world is about to face a great change, and this is about to happen soon, that is why many of us, from all over the world, start to get in touch with the resonant field - the common conscience.
So ... keep up!
You're not alone..ppl are about to wake up!