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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Gem in I, or "The Secret of the Twins"

"I will find
Where truth is hid, though it were hid indeed
Within the center."
- Hamlet, II, 2

Without getting into the mythological details, here is a fun little code you can try yourself. I call it, "The Gem in I" or "The Secret of the Twins".

If you are like me, you have read a fair amount of Occult literature. One of the main peculiarities you will find in work as it pertains to Qaballa (Kabballah), Gematria, etc., is that words are spelled sometimes with all "upper case" letters.

Example, from Manley P. Hall, Secret Teachings of All Ages:

Ex. 1 The name Solomon may be divided into three syllables, SOL-OM-ON, symbolizing light, glory, and truth collectively and respectively.

Ex. 2 Accompanied by his retinue of planets, moons, and asteroids, this Divine King (SOLomon), whose glory no earthly monarch shall ever equal, passes in stately pomp down the avenues of space.

Notice that in each of these examples, the word "Solomon" has been recast and set into "capital letters". SOL-OM-ON, as shown in example 1 and SOLomon as shown in example 2. There are many reasons to do this, not the least of which is to convey some form of code, including codes that are "numerically designed", i.e., "Gematria", or to show some partial exposing of a hidden value, be it archetypical, as in "Light, Glory, and Truth, respective", or to show some numerical code. Furthermore, the use of CAPITALS is designed to set all the letters on the same footing, or power, so that words can more readily be viewed "this way" or "that", meaning from Left to Right and from Right to Left, or from the Center outward.

There are numerous rules to this "artform", not the least of which the casual observor may find as "finding whatever one wants to find and proving whatever one wants to prove." In King Henry IV, one of the rules to many used ciphers (including Gematria coding) is the phrase "I will find where truth is hid, though it were hid indeed within the center." This phrase represents a view to analyzing words from the "center" out.

An easy example of this form of coding is the word SOLSTICE. Just as the word SOL-OM-ON was shown above to be broken into its constituent components to mean

SOL = Light
OM = Glory
ON = Truth,

so, too, is the word SOLSTICE broken into its constituent components.


If truth be found, search for it when hid in the center. This is clearl a "center out" word. The Letter T, as we have seen in "Pi and the Pagan Calendar" is a "god", or "letter" that is "exalted" at Noon Zenith of the Winter and Summmer Solstices.

The Ankh, as a symbol of the birth of the Sun God, means "everlasting life", a reference back the enduring solar pattern (love affair) between the Earth and her Sun. Hence Isis is giving birth to Horus at the Winter Solstice, which maintains and contains all the attributes of the "father", Osiris. Then you simply have to solve the equation. The Letter T is that which "lifts up the Sun" and is essentially a geometrical glyph akin to a measurement. It is no secret to any golfer that one "tee's up the ball". The Letter T, and the drink T (awakens you with caffeine) are all part of the basic part of the Isisian Codes.

The Letter T, in this case, represents the noon zenith of the Solstices.

T = Noon Zenith Measurement

From here, you should be able to reason your way through to the solution. The word "SOLS" is "SOL'S" = Summer T and the word ICE is that which is "frozen" intimating Winter T.

SOLS = Sol's = Summer
T = Noon Zenith
ICE = "frozen" = Winter

Sol's T and Winter's T.

Now here is where it gets interesting. The period between the Winter T and the Summer T goes from the beginning of Capricorn (cap/cornerstone/eye of pyramid as winter solstice/Horus/Osiris) and the end of the Sign of the Twins.

The Sign of the Twins is called "Gemini", but agaim, but again, the GEM IN I is that the sign is a Letter, which is the Greek Letter II Each of the "I's" of the Gem in I is that the Winter Solstice is represented by the Letter A or Osiris and the Summer Solstice is represented by the Letter "I", or Seth.

Each of these Letters has a value of 1. A is located at 1 and the Letter I is the Roman numeral 1 and the first letter from the 9 in reverse.

The Winter Solstice is "the god of darkness" (Letter A)in that he is born on the darkest of days, but with his arrival, the days get brighter and brighter and longer and longer and death and darkness (Dece-ased and Dece-mber are afterall, sharing roots)are making way for the life of Spring. At the same time, on the other side of the planet, is being born "the god of light", who, however, "brings darkness".

These parallels become the idea that Osiris is "dark", or "Lucifer" is "the bringer of light", and come to mean too that when Seth is allowed to become "overpowering" and "brings about draught", that too knowledge and the benefits accrued from knowledge recede, while "Lucifer" being light and hence knowledge as symbolic of the days getting longer.

This is the mythical and trans-dimensional battle between "light" and "darkness" and hence the confusion as to who is light and beneficial and who is dark and and disastrous.

More clues lie in the words TWINS and WINTER.

The Letter T, essentially, is "the Sun" as represented by its marking point at the Summer T and Winter T. T is, in this case, "the Key".


At the Sign of the TWINS, the Sun is at its maximum height, so the Letter T is placed at the forefront of the word T-WIN(s), while at the Winter solstice, the Sun is at its lowest elevation in the sky, and so the letter T is moved "to the bottom of the word" to reveal the word WIN-T(r).

T-WIN(s) = Sun at Summer Zenith
WIN-T(r) = Sun at Winter Zenith

Simply show that the Letter T is the 7th Letter:

This reveals again Pi, or the Omnific Word, as 22/7 = 3.1428571 = Recipricol 7 Pi.

Voila. The "word" revealed.

"TWINS" and "WINTER" are "GEMATRIA" or coded words to reveal the Omnific Word. These words are critical keys to the System of the Illuminatus, which I refer to as "the Isisian Codes".


Anonymous said...

How do you arrive at "T == 7" when in your image of the "The Numbering of the ISISIAN CODES" you show "D=4=T" and "G=7=W"/"7=P=16"?

Dennis Fetcho said...

Confusing, I know.

The way English is designed is that it is based on a series of cipher wheels set against allegorical and archetypical knowledge. This esoteric reality becomes the profane idea of "sepheroth", wherein a "sephiroth" is akin to a "path" within the profane "rabbinica" "Kabballah".

Picture it this way. Letters as fused to numbers are like a slot machine. When you pull the lever, the wheel spins, and reveals another form. The desired and preferred form is that which brings about "the Jackpot", or a set of results that is a pattern known "to all". "777", for example, as a cipher for "666".

Sir Francis Bacon (and I view Bacon as the front for a body of workers behind the name), stated this in "The Alphabet of Nature",

"Neither are we ignorant that those inquisitions are sometimes
Mutually entangled; so that some things of which we inquire,
Even the same things belong to several titles."

Source - http://www.sirbacon.org/alphabetofnature.htm

The greatest difficulty people have in deciphering the System of the Illuminatus is the assumption that there is a single and solitary key. That G is 7 and sometimes 3 as Gimmel, for example, is a classic example of what is meant by the idea of "Even the same things belong to several titles."

The Craft takes years and years to master, even for those fully immersed in the system. This blog hopefully will introduce people to the larger reality of how words are crafted.

Anonymous said...

I can understand that some things belong to many titles. For instance, just choosing at random, the background of your web site can be thought of as having the simultaneous titles, "background, page, black, etc." Which, I have just realized,

BLACK = 23132

Very simple, and surprisingly, BLACK forms a palindrome. 2-3=(1)=3-2. 2+3+1+3+2=11=K=2. Which is all very interesting and makes me wonder what your purpose was in selecting BLACK as your background. Which, put another way, might be posed as, "Why is your background BLACK?" This leads to the not-unreasonable, I think, question, "Are you revealing something by your choice?" And is that revelation intentional?

I wonder what WHITE would encode.

Dennis Fetcho said...

The reason for the web design as it is because I am using stock Blogspot formats and this appears to me to be the most attractive for the message sought to be sent out.

Your observations on "palindromes" is very good. One must always be on the lookout for such. Another way to glimpse into perhaps what was meant in the encoding is to break off the first letter of words.

BLACK would be B-LACK. Lack is to be void or deficient, and B is "the Goddess" or "Isis", so the word has another dimensional encoding of "that which is "black" is "lacking" in the "Goddess", or "the sacred feminine".

Since our Omnific Word is Pi, the Letters WHITE give many clues.

E is used as the Scales of Ma'at, and so is "pi" by artistic representation.

HI shares a value with P. The Sum of 1:16 (P) is 136 while the Sum of 1:8 (H) is 36. H is the Greek Letter Pi.

So HI in the Middle is HI=PI

W = 23 = 276
T = 20 = 210

276/210 = 1.314285741


Anonymous said...

Lack of Goddess, scales of Ma'at. Interesting. Ma'at did not exist until Ra created himself out of Nun.

Nun is a homophone of none. If you had none, you could be considered to be lacking. Nun, of course, being the waters of chaos. Hrmm, now I'm wondering why Catholic nuns are called, well, nuns.

At any rate, it is also interesting to note that the glyph for Nun is three pots upon a low table next to wavy lines. If you take the first half of the glyph (three pots and the low table) and turn it 90 degrees clockwise, it strongly resembles the letter 'E', which you say is the Scale of Ma'at. Turning chaos on his side produces order?

Ma'at == Order
Order == E
E == Pi
Pi == Ma'at and the (this) circle is complete?

Also, Nun, by replacing the second 'n' with a 't' becomes NUT, Mother of the Gods. Whose glyph is a low table supporting a pot and a loaf. Turn that on its side and it bears a resemblence to the letter 'R' or maybe 'B'. 'B' being the pregnant woman? Mother of the Gods? However, NUT was supposed to be granddaughter of RA.

Dennis Fetcho said...

Interesting comments. Not enough time to work with it today, but your palindrome suggests something equally.

23132 is as the 21 "gates", or the letter U, so it can be argued that BLACK is really just UU, or "double U", W.

Under this permutation, "BLACK" would intimate a "cutting off" from the greater whole, in the manner of the Gnostics, who saw this world as "the U-nderworld", wherein one could rapidly break apart UNDER into U N(and) D (existence).

U is the glyph for the Uterus in "cut out" form, and is always set with Q (the fertiized egg)...

Just some thoughts...

Anonymous said...

Could I now finally understand why Endeavor was missing the "U" ?

Anonymous said...



1+2=3=C,L (3=L=12)
1+2=3 (A+B=C)

B=2=R (R=6+6+6 which is FFF and VVV)


and then of course there is this one:

considering people gambled all that oh so long ago....



Ill use ONE=10=A.J.Q=1.10.10=?????

but since everything else is a Roman Number why not just use just that as ONE.

the enigma with in a twist reflecting mirrors wrapped in the twisting enigma of more mirrors or breaking mirrors of enigmas twisting the reflection of images to twist the mirrord enigma of ONE.




Anonymous said...

ha i just thought of something funny ..well to me anyway..so ill share ...

remember "sesame" street and the "Which one doesn't look like the others?" 3 X 3 game of people in each of the 9 squares....and one of them was doing something different?

that reminds me of that


Anonymous said...

...More on black...(Bee)and(Lac)...Milk and Honey...hence the natural resources in Africa...A Free Ka....A Fire Ka...