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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Esoteric Code of G-d

Have you ever wondered why Jews would be so intimidated by English that they would blasphemy against the word "GOD" and thus change the inherent design in the name to suit their own mystical purposes? Gematria, Kabballah, and other forms of "mystical Arts" indeed, do, invite fascinating insights into why words and letter structures are as "they are".

 I mean.

What is this nonsense of "no self respecting Jew would ever say the word God" when their language and hence their very word for it is "not English"? Why do they change English to suit their purposes?

Are Jews intimidated by English so much so that they have to change an esoteric code of "GOD"? Don't they have their own language and hence their own esoteric construct? What is the real reason for the changing of an English esoteric contstruct to suit a Setian elite? Ever heard of YHVH, or the letters "yud, heh, vav, heh"? This not "mystical enough" for the Setial elitists and their flock?

Do Jews use the term "ALLAH", or do they change that word too? What do they call "Allah"? LL? Do they remove the "A"'s so as not to "speak or utter that which is unspeakable"?

 Do you see what is being gotten at here?

 Think rationally regarding this issue, and you will soon come to a realization that there is a mystical imposition with an irrational explanation is being applied to the quite esoterically constructed word of "GOD", just too as there is a "mystical esoterically constructed" design in the letters YHVH.

 "Mystically esoterically constructed" is just a fancy way of saying that there is a wholly rational explanation as to why the Letters are chosen and designed as they are. Such is how the Illuminatus system works.

The formula for YHVH shows that Yud is 10, Heh is 5, Vav is 6, and Heh is 5. This creates the "Jewish" esoteric formula of YHVH = 10+5+6+5 = 26.

Yet the word GOD, too, is 7+15+4 = 26, so the word GOD is an "English" esoteric formula showing 7+15+4 = 26, while YHVH is a "Jewish" explained rationalization for the English letters of YHVH totalling 26. And when we consider that the Letter H is "the Greek Letter Pi", as it clearly is by design and as a rule in the Isisian Codes, we can remove the H as symbol of the closing of the circle, and then we can show that ALLAH has an "Arabic" esoteric formula of 1+12+12+1 = 26, wherein the H closes the sound and hence the "circle".

So the Key Number here is the 26.

Yet each of these formulas shows "26" as set against the English alphabet or sounds. Funny that, that Jews (Setian Illuminatus) would craft a code that removed the "O", or the "feminine" within "God", thus creating a defeminized esoteric code of "G-d", and then leave the world with a silly explanation that makes, when viewed from a tactical gematriatic sense, a complete attempt to cloud and destroy the English esoteric formula, of which GOD is a pure and complete form, while YHVH is confused and muddled.

 After all.

When we view the letters YHVH, we arrive at a literal ENGLISH esoteric formula of 25+8+22+8 = 63. Not very esoteric, is it?  No matter how contorted and twisted you wish to contort your reason and logic, the summary and arbitrary attempt to assign values to English based on foreign rules is absolutely insane and lacking in precision and depth of comprehension of Qaballa

The Isisian Codes, being a pure and complete form of Qaballa, reveals and returns all if only we can understand the transposition and channel upon which numbers are fused to letters and sounds. As such, we can observe the following esoteric computations for the Letters YHVH, but must begin with the rather overt and obvious.


Attributing them to the Hebrew is a form of "transposition", yet this transposition is obviously arbitrary when the letters are affixed with Hebrew (Setian elite) values, for it is clear that YHVH are and remain English letters. Their placements are what they are, and so Occultists take a huge leap of faith (and in the process a leap into a shadow world of false conclusions brought about by clearly false observations) that what is being seen is different from what is being seen. The very process equally destroys the Occult channels designed within the words, but that is a deeper concept for more advanced Qaballistic students of the Craft.

 Understand and observe clear: YHVH is YHVH. These Letters do not bow down to a foreign system. A foreign system (Rabbinical Kabballah) has sought to impose the definitions on the Letters even as the Letters stand absolute. You must contemplate clear what is being intimated. The Secret Code of G-d is just one such insight into the way in which words and meanings get twisted to deceive with the intent to elevate one system over another. One system does not even acknowledge that another system exists. This is Setian logic: ignore to the end of time with the hope that by burying one's head in the sand that truth will remain out of sight and out of mind and hence cease to exist. An Aquarian era cannot be predicated on such lunacies and absurdities.

  Transposing YHVH to a Value of 26
The Isisian Codes as show above allows us to observe some basic phonetic/letter equivalencies. The Isisian Codes are as a guide. The Illuminatus System in Setian or Osirian models do not totally adhere to the above, but these serve as a ready analysis tool.

 Y as "Yud", really is the Aryanised, or German, "J" sound, as in "Jah" = "Yah". It is being given a value of "10" in the Hebrew, but is really deriving its sound from the "soft phonetic of the J sound, which is, quite conveniently, placed at 10". It is no secret that Jewish Kabballah (Setian Illuminatus) is a system set against the 10, or the "JAH".

Yet, in the Isisian Codes, the Letter Y is "25" as well as "9", which then creates a transposition of "1", in that the Letter Y shares the column with the Letter I, which is the Roman number of 1. H as Heh has a value of 5. However, Heh is, in reality, Pi. Study its shape. The sum of 1:5 is 15, which is the Letter O, which is the pictographic representation of Pi. It, the Letter "0", also happens to be the shape of the Number 5 in Arabic

However, the Letter H shares column 8 with the Roman numeral "X", which has a value of "10". Vav, as 6 in Hebrew, can be seen to essentially be encoding the ENGLISH ESOTERIC system of the Isisian Codes, for at column number 6 are the letters F and V, or the phonetics of "fav", wherein the "f" and "v" are the labials as "vav" too encodes clear at position number 6. However, as is the way of the "joker", things are still not as they appear, for V too is number 5 in Roman system.

 Now, and ONLY NOW, can you sanely and RATIONALLY transpose the formula of YHVH = 26, but you HAVE TO UNDERSTAND the basis of the transposition.

Y is I is 1
H is X is 10
V is V is 5
H is X is 10

YHVH is "code" for IXVX = 1+10+5+10 = 26.

 This is the ONLY CONDITION under which the letters YHVH = 26.

What is Hebrew is Hebrew. What is English is English.

The two systems are not directly interchangeable on a 1:1 basis, and here is where the false linking of Jewish "kabballah" to English as has been done by the later schools as Thelema and rabbinicized Masonry can be shred from a rational perspective as to the Gematria in play.

 The Story of Pinocchio

See Seth's long nose? Seth is the god that lies.

Everything here is CRYSTAL clear.

Crystal we break out into the following letters: C R Y'S TAL See our wise tale.


There are two gods in play: Osiris as the Letter A, who is the real "eye of the pyramid" and there is his brother Seth, who is the Letter I,

There was a boy. His name was PINOCCHIO. When he lied, his nose grew long. Then one day he turned into a donkey.


When Pinocchio lies, his nose grows.

In the original tale, the Setian "god" and hence with it, the Setian Illuminatus, "lies" and is hence "bad". Pinocchio, aside from the long nose of Seth, too turns into a "donkey":

Ass In the cults of Asia Minor a symbol of Set, Typhon, Satan, Jehovah, or Saturn. Jesus rides into Jerusalem "upon an ass, and a colt the foal of an ass," in accordance with the prophecy in Zechariah (9:9). If the ass is Saturn, and its foal the earth (whose physical globe is governed by the genius of Saturn in connection with the moon), this is an apt symbol of the descent of the Christos into the lower worlds. Plutarch relates that Typhon or Set fled on an ass into Palestine and there founded Hierosolymus and Judaeus (De Iside et Osiride, ch 30). 

Note clear the shape of the letter I to the shape of "the ass". Everything here is CRYSTAL clear. C R Y's Tale

The Secret Code of G-d
Now. Do you really think that the formulation for "G-d" is precisely what is publically pronounced when everything about Setian "metaphysics" is based on lies and deceptions?

Pinocchio. Pi...

The Secret Code of G-d is just one such example, and here is how the code works. Everything about the higher levels of the Construct is based around the Sun. It is the giver of life and without such, all life ceases to exist. It precedes all things (nouns).

Hence English places the word THE before all nouns.

 T = 4 = 10 H = 8 = 36 E = 5 = 5 (T*H)+E = (10*36)+5 = 360+5 = 365 = SUN

There are two primary marking points: the Solstices and the Equinoxes.

 The word SOLSTICES encodes the aspect of the Winter and Summer Solstices.

SOL'S = SUMMER T = Noon Zenith measurement of Sun (noon reading)


Within this word are tales regarding Osiris and the totality of the word SOLSTICE is clear. 

CRYSTAL clear.

So what is the word or letter code that encodes the Equinoxes? The equinox is the cardinal energy to the Solstice. Cardinal is the color of red. Red is the color of Seth/Jehovah/Typhon. It has its own code: G-d

That is right. G-d is a CODE FOR THE EQUINOXES.

 T is the Winter Solstice. It is the start. It is the WINTER = WINNER = ONE. 52 weeks. Each quarter is 13 weeks. T is the Start. The Winter Solstice. O.

The Start Point.


The Letter G is 13 weeks after T. The mark of the Spring Equinox. Now spin G 180 degrees on center, as 6 to 9. What letter do you reveal? The Hebrew Letter Pei.

 This is the phonetic of P, so the proper transposition for G spun 180 degrees on center is "p" when viewed in the Hebrew, but this must be returned to the English, so it must be spun back 180 degrees.

P spun 180 degrees on center as 6 to 9 reveals "d".

Hence the rational observation is that T is indeed the Solstice, wherein Solstice encodes both points, the Winter as ICE and the Summer as SOL's.

So it should come as no surprise that the Illuminatus had configured a word to reveal the Equinoxes. This code must be clear. CRYSTAL CLEAR. G is indeed the Spring Equinox. Spin the Letter G on its center 180 degrees to reveal the Hebrew Letter Pei. The esoteric significance of the Letter Pei is that of Speech.

It too clearly encodes the word PI.

Pi linked to Speech. Imagine that.

You just had to go to two different linked codes to get the knowledge, but if told such was so, surely it is not so difficult. Spin the Hebrew phonetic of "p" 180 degrees back to English "d". You have the Illuminatus Code of G-d. It is "cardinal" or at 90 degrees to the Solstices.

Happy "fall" equinox.

Happy "G-d".



Anonymous said...

Pinocchio? Pinocchio. Hrmm. A possibility:

Pi no chi o

But what would it mean?

Pi no X o

Does X (upper case Chi) represent Jesus Christ? X-mas?

Pi no Christ o

Or, maybe the "chi" refers to Plato's "anima mundi." In that instance, "Pi, no chi" doesn't make any sense. Although, if we take chi as an 'X' to refer to Plato's crossed bands that are the "soul of the world" then "No chi o" could become, "No chi...O". Remove the 'X' (chi, the soul of the world) and you are left with null. Void. O. 0. What role, then, Pi?

Pi unlocks the criss-crossed bands?

Sorry, random musings on Pinocchio. It had never occurred to me, until this post of yours, that it makes little sense for Jews to obscure the word "G-d" in English, when their name for G-d would be, presumably, in Hebraic.

Dennis Fetcho said...

No need to apologize, for sure. Random musings is what leads all of us to find the interconnections. I admit that I came up with many too, but left them out of the article so as to not clutter it, and at any rate, my mandate is to write on only things I have verified.

I have not verified anything regarding PINOCCHIO. For instance, the double CC breaks the word, as far as I can tell.


But O is E, so we have PINE to begin the word.

And regarding the changing of G-d. English is taught to be "very recent language". Why would a tradition that claims some 3500 years even yawn or feign interest in English and hence change some of the core key words?

Indeed. Why change GOD to "G-d"? Do Jews in China change the Chinese name? The Hindu name?

You got the point, which is indeed good and intended.

Your musings are actually well done and in the spirit of the system.

Anonymous said...

I will have to look more into this because I was under the impression that Elohim was God and YHVH was Lord. I have to also consider that whenever something is translated, it loses its power from its creator. But -- then I am left with KNOWING that from a portion you have the whole. So who's to say any of us at this time are even speaking a correct powerful language. I then am taken back to the event of the tongue in the Bible. At the same time I also have an idea that the original sin had something more to do with the golden ratio. Math is a universal language. It is (IMHO) "the language" (do I dare add music here?). Perhaps writing was a way to get your point across for historical reasons. Otherwise why bother.... Ever play win lose or draw? They would be quite simple ..very few could make them elaborate more on the words than other could. The artists. Art to imitate life.

I have read about the tetrahedron.. The light passing through the vortex to shape the Hebrew letters out. Someone should make a youtube for that. I find it easier to swallow the reasoning for geometric shapes being the result of sound/vibrations. I could see how the math of the sound wave would (as the word of God from Gods voice) would be devastating (not sure what word to use) yet also the opposite. Sound as a result of math.

Pinocchio. pin,o,key,o

I really enjoy reading what you post. Thank you for your time to us.

Thank you for reading my babblage.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking about this last night, astral travel wise, and was told to look into Pinochle relative to Pinochio. For instance, the Ass, which is Jehovah/Typhon/Seth, is the number 9.

This is what Wikipedia people have to say about Pinochle -

The nine counts nothing unless it be turned for trumps, when it scores io. The last trick scores io.

So we have Pinochle and Pinocchio.

I suspect that the advice last night was sound and have not had time to chase the channels.


Anonymous said...

I was looking up the etymology of occhio and stumbled on this

c(u)lu(m) became -cchio in Italian, cf.
occhio <--- oculu(m)


being that pinocchio is Italian...

ochi = eye
ochelari = eyeglasses

oeil = eye
monocle/lunettes = eyeglasses

occhio = eye
oculare = eyeglasses

ojo = eye
anteojos/gafas = eyeglasses

olho = eye
óculos = eyeglasses

occult came to mind as well

pin :


The part of a key stem entering a lock.

and so I look deeper into it and look up "pet" and amazingly enough it leads me to "feather". My first reaction were Indians and the dream catcher and feathers! I keep looking at all this text and I am lead to pinnacle and such.


Dogs are pets. Humans are pets in some cases . step, setp, spet, sept, teps, dogs gods etc... pet-ro ..as in the oil company? "petr" ..certainly puts a new spin on Peter for me... fun rattling there for a sec! pardon me *g*


Anonymous said...

this is just a personal link to send you -- do pass if you feel the wish to


I have enjoyed going to this time to time and reminding myself how awesome we are that we are apart of something like this.

At one point in my research the number 9 and vedic math was a study . It was simple which just rings a bell.

Not quite sure that was a group moment rather a passing thought after I posted previously. You dont have to publish this one...


Anonymous said...


I dont want to spam you with links but I am also viewing your articles through the eyes of knowing the above. Not sure if you have ever seen it...? There is a band and a portion of their song has always stuck in my head sine I first heard it. Funny... it goes "if I'm five five five then you're six six six" ... well - made me ponder.

Is this how I am supposed to contact you? Or should I register? How would you even respond to that *L*


Anonymous said...

Very, very, fascinating. Too inebriated to really peer into what you have found, but the "eye" part is indeed quite fascinating...


Did you come from Robert Baird's site?

Anonymous said...

No Sir not from that site, however, I do know whom you speak. I have read some of Bairds' articles (there are many!). In fact, I think I found that link from you. But you -- I -- found through a search string.

May you always have water :)


Anonymous said...

For some reason I thought you were from Baird's group. They have always been very supportive of my work at a time when very few were. Now things are much much better as far as receptiveness goes.

So a "re-welcome". Always great to have fresh and knowledgeable faces to contribute.

I have given alot of thought to your views and insights on Pinocchio and believe you have a very insightful (esoteric) channel.

Someone found this site in a string search "solstice greek letter". Reviewing the information surrounding Illuminatus Observor is a site http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Parthenon/7069/ildh_49.html.

This is all Thelema oriented, so you have to sift through alot of their self perceived significances, but I did find this little gem:

If the "circle squared in its failure" is not Theta, what then is it? Possibly two Greek letters, one atop the other.

O is Omicron (short-o, distinct from Omega, the long-o sound in Greek, the appearance of which is rather like a rounded W or, alternately, an "unlucky" horseshoe) and the name of this letter in Greek, Omikron has the numerical value of 360, the number of degrees in a circle.

X is Chi (the Ch sound in Greek); thus O and Ch, added to the rest of the "word" gives the following:

If the "circle squared in its failure" is not Theta, what then is it? Possibly two Greek letters, one atop the other.

O is Omicron (short-o, distinct from Omega, the long-o sound in Greek, the appearance of which is rather like a rounded W or, alternately, an "unlucky" horseshoe) and the name of this letter in Greek, Omikron has the numerical value of 360, the number of degrees in a circle.

X is Chi (the Ch sound in Greek); thus O and Ch, added to the rest of the "word" gives the following:

Possibly two Greek letters, one atop the other.

O is Omicron (short-o, distinct from Omega, the long-o sound in Greek, the appearance of which is rather like a rounded W or, alternately, an "unlucky" horseshoe) and the name of this letter in Greek, Omikron has the numerical value of 360, the number of degrees in a circle.

X is Chi (the Ch sound in Greek); thus O and Ch, added to the rest of the "word" gives the following:

It then gives the code "Key it all O Chi".

I am working on this now and will be taking your information as part of the analytics as I try to solve for this one.

Will keep everyone posted.

Anonymous said...

a circle squared...to me at first glance would be not a letter, but a number "8" especially if something is being squared...i think numbers...which is "O" squared and a shorter "o" sound....and "0" (zero) perhaps is a long "O" sound and not squared ?...then maybe V squared is really 6?5?11? (or"W"/upside down 3)

what comes before nueve? "ocho!" -- 8 ...

when im lopsided "i should've had a v-8!" - to get straight -- sorry a little whacky humor

PS. I still find it amazing that things with 8 in them represent an eye something rather, and the feathers did me a "wow"! when I looked further into pennacle, its syonymous with "crown!" what do Native Indians wear? A crown of feathers surely enough....


Anonymous said...

Although I am not very good with the numerological esoteric codework that you do, what does come easy to me is finding transpositions of letters into new words.

Did you ever condier this , was just going over your esoteric G-D

Here is one that I didn't see listed


transpose the letters to end up with

CON (as in fraud)
OH IC (oh, i see)

pi con, oh i see.

Tell me what you think



Anonymous said...

or ...


as in pin the female, key the female

perhaps when Set sat on the throne and the throne is really Isis the key is who pinned the female ? or something rather...

maybe Horus being born of Isis and set ,,,is really a passed down knowledge hidden, that Jesus (Horus) the son of (a) god, is really the key here....when Isis substituted the stick(or was it a serpent? as in set) she was taking a bite of the apple ....

isnt the o identified as a serpent making the circle? the "o"?

if you want to hide something you do it right in front of them


Anubis, the son of Nephtys and Osiris (he thought she was Isis and slept with her and made Set very angry hence the reason why he chopped him into 15 pieces and the phallus was not found and Set's sperm was used instead because from a portion you have the whole and she will resurrect Osiris through Horus?)

so if Jesus is symbolic of Horus (or a descendant) and the sperm donor was really Set, then....

that *would* change everything.

that was how I was reading, "Pinocchio" with the whole liying and the nose like a phallus


PS when I had lower case letters for Isis and Set and Horus and Jesus and right clicked the red lines, the only one that did not give me a correction for a capital letter ..was jesus

that was strange :P

1PositiveAction said...

as Pinocchio is italian the route should be in that language


not see pi
pi equals ultimatly truth
not seeing truth reversed is a pretty good version of lie
just my 2c

Justin Bass said...

Let us ask a question: Is the Sun the Center of the Solar System? Well, we must assume that is not really measurable. Because light does not defy gravity, and the speed of light is not affected by the size of the sun, we cannot say that gravity and its relationship with light is connected to Pi, can we? Or... is the pi thing an average of the change of speed based on our elliptical revolution's distance change over our circular rotation?
How can something run circles around light? Easily! We do!

You said...

3.14 * 2 = 6.28
circle and ellipse are they the real answers to the conundrum that is what pi really means? Well I ask you, what is the ratio of diameters between the closest and the furthest away we get from the sun? There must be an answer measurable by the speed of light, which changes invariably as the universe expands and the sun gets smaller..
And is it equivalent, the ratio of diameters with the diameter of pi if the radius is 3.14?
Fuck me Im famous that's who I am.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Two questions....why isn't any of this stuff ever related to demographics? ie chi o Chi=Qui Chi(ca go) io=theater

The theater has 4 performance spaces
The Dale Close Theater
The Chris Farley Cabaret
The Jason Chin Harold Cabaret
The Mission Theater

Theater is a major player in the occult, it might do you good to look into who trained there. Alot of big names come out of two theaters in Chicago. Following this path in relation to "connecting the dots", if you will....would possibly give this number system some relevance to modern times....meaning right now. There has to be a relation or purpose it serves to unlock messages meant to be revealed during this time. Just some random thoughts....

Why didn't anyone ask about the CRYSTAL or am I the only one wondering? Am I missing something?

Unknown said...

The Tetragrammaton appears integral within the Semitic influenced systems of the western mystery tradition. So on one hand the systems are mutually exclusive and on the other you have to play one against the other!?

Say there was no English row. Don't we still see the Hebrew (letters) as Jod=10 (regardless of the German Ja sound) Heh=5 Vav=6 Heh=5?

The issue seems to be more about the significance of 26 itself. Fits better with Pi as substrate or construct. So it appears the Hebraic school wanted to align with this 26 motif, at least on one point, jhvh. One needs to know the lore regarding that second heh.