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Monday, March 24, 2014

"The Fetch" on Spingola Speaks with Deanna Spingola - 3.23.14

In a surprise request, Deanna Spingola from Spingola Speaks was kind enough to ask "The Fetch" to appear on Spingola Speaks on March 23, 2014.  In what was expected to be a show focusing on politics and current events, Deanna steered the conversation to a discussion of the Illuminatus Observor.

The show marked a continued expansion of reach of work by "The Fetch" as the show was broadcast on the Republic Broadcasting Network, the flagship station for Deanna's "Spingola Speaks" show.

The show was a very general discussion of concepts contained within the Illuminatus Observor, with a touch of politics and personal interest.

This show should be of interest to anyone who has followed The Fetch over the years and/or would like to catch some fresh discussion regarding the Isisian Codes.

You can catch the edited show here:


Anonymous said...

Good show Dennis, the effect on our children rips my heart. Adults don't seem to care/believe, almost apathetic.
Duncan: icenirising

Noor al Haqiqa said...

This was a most informative programme. A good time was had by all during the discussions. You and Deanna had a comfortable easy fit and seemed quite in sync so... again perhaps?

Dennis Fetcho said...

Thanks everyone. It has been a long time since I did a show like this. It was fun to return to this level of work...

Anonymous said...

Inside The Eye Live: 403 Forbidden,


Anonymous said...

Fear ....the original Sin.

Fetch, We miss the wonderful adventurous and amazingly Insightful articles you have written and would probably benefit should You write Us another.....

I am not much of a political gal though I do peek about and research to maintain some sort of current-in-the-know.

Reason behind commenting ?

The FifthNSixth

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Your Multi-Dimensional Friend,



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